We are adopting a baby!

Welcome to our family’s blog!

We are beginning down the path of adoption!  Steve and I always said we would adopt someday. Well, now six children on earth, two in Heaven, and 24 years later, we are adopting!

We plan to adopt domestically.  This means we prepare our family profile (over 100 pictures taken to choose from) and have it shared with birthmoms here in the United States.  Then the birthmom gets to read our letter and look at our family pictures.  The birthmom gets to choose us.  We are already praying for our birthmom-for her health, safety, faith, and discernment in making choices.  We are also praying for our baby’s health, safety, bonding to us, and knowing Jesus as his/her savior.

We are open to a boy or a girl, single or twins!  Only the Lord knows!

If you have not looked into the cost of adoption lately, you might be shocked to learn how much it costs.  Domestic adoptions can cost up to and around $35,000!  This covers the homestudy, the birthmom’s doctor visits, transportation, tests, clothes, etc. and also finalization of the adoption. We will be able to provide for our new baby daily, however, coming up with this huge sum of money quickly is no easy feat!  We are currently looking at ways to save more money (drying all of our clothes outside, keeping the AC off, unplugging unused appliances, etc.) and raise funds for our baby’s adoption (book sale, garage sale, essential oils, etc.).  If you would like to join us in helping bring our baby home, we would be so appreciative. 

Adopting a baby means LIFE!  It means life in the fact that the birthmom did not choose to abort the baby.  It means life in the fact that this baby will be brought up in a strong Christian home and know Jesus as his/her savior.  Praise God!

We will be periodically updating this blog and posting information about how you can help us as we walk in faith through this adoption process. One way you can help us to begin with, is by praying for the birthmom, our baby, and our family.

We are preparing an adoption fundraiser garage sale in a couple weeks.  If you have any thing (anything!!!!) that you plan to donate to Goodwill,  outgrown clothes, garage sale leftovers, or just something you no longer have a need of, we will gladly take it off your hands!  We will come get the item(s) from you.  Please let us know! Think about clothes, shoes, books, household items, tools, plants, toys, small appliances, etc.  All proceeds raised from our garage sale will go towards funding the adoption of our baby.

God bless you!

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4 Responses to We are adopting a baby!

  1. Heidi P. says:

    Wow! How exciting!!! We will pray for your family, the entire adoption process, the birth mom, and raising of the funds. We look forward to reading your posts and keeping in touch on this exciting adventure. So HAPPY for you all. God is so AWESOME!!!
    P.S. I’m already working on items to donate! 🙂

    • gloryacres says:

      Thank you Heidi! We are so thankful for your prayers. God is AWESOME! We agree. We know that only He can do this. Thank you for any items that you want to donate, just let us know when to come get them. 😉

  2. Annie L. says:

    Ditto, DITTO – what Heidi said!!
    What a blessing,
    much love to you all,

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