Walking faster today..

Today we received a TON and I do mean a TON of paperwork to read through, sign, think about, plan for, research, etc. from our adoption consultant.  Wow!  All I can say is that those of you  who have walked this path with adoption have been through an amazing amount of work and stress!  It is overwhelming to think of reading through this 1 inch stack of paperwork!

I made our first phone call into the adoption world today.  I called an adoption agency that our consultant recommended.  The social workers were not in, but the man I spoke with gave me some information.  Wow, the cost of a homestudy is unbelievable too!  Those of you who have adopted, how did you raise the funds for all of these things? Can you give us some suggestions on fundraising? The social worker will be calling later to speak with us about setting up our first of three visits with them.

We now have a few people who have said they will have some donations for us next week. Yes! That is exciting!

We also received back our first baby bottle this morning from our neighbors.  We have some baby bottles that we are giving to friends and family, along with leaving in a few public places (with permission) asking people to throw in their loose change.  We tell them we will pick the bottle up about a month later.

Today our adoption speed picked up a tad bit.  We know it is still a long path to walk, but we are walking faster today than yesterday. 🙂

We continue to be walking in faith and trusting the Lord with every step.

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