Walking, but tired today..

Today was the homeschool book sale.  We really enjoyed ourselves.  Our children ran our sale for the most part with only a few times of needing me to answer a question. Our children were thrilled to see that a few people put money in our baby bottle. They quickly ran back to me and told me all about it each time. 🙂 One lady shared about her friend who just adopted domestically this past winter.  She said it was such a wonderful thing to watch take place in their family. Another lady wanted to know what country we were adopting from.  Many people do not realize the huge need for children to have forever homes right here in the United States. There are many, many orphans here.

We also made a little money towards our adoption fees with all the books we sold. 🙂  Yes!

While we were gone, our social worker called to set up our first homestudy meeting. So, I need to try and call her tomorrow before she leaves the office again.  We are anxious to get the homestudy going.

Our adoption consultant has a private FB group of her current and former clients.  I joined and have learned that there are many other adoptive parents out there in their 40s!  Some of them have grown children and now the Lord has layed it on their hearts to open their homes to orphans. Some of them still have young children at home and now want to adopt as God has adopted them into His family. It is a very encouraging group of Christians sharing their struggles, concerns, questions, and encouragement with each other. This is a whole new world to us, but it sure is amazing!

Another friend of ours has said they are gathering things to donate to our adoption fundraiser garage sale next week! Yes!  We are so thankful for any/all donations.  Our garage sale is next week on Friday.  If you know of anyone who has garage sale leftovers, items sitting around for Goodwill, etc.  that they’d like to donate, please let us know.  We would be thrilled to come pick them up!

Well, I will close here as I am very tired from the long day of loading books (tons of them) in the car, packing a lunch for all of us, selling at the sale, and coming home to cook dinner along with unpack the books that did not sell. We are walking today, but tiredly. We may tire easily as older parents, but we sure do have a lot more patience than we did when we were in our 20s. And we see things so much clearer too. Experience does a person good!

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