Preparing for the long walk next week…

Next week we will be having a two day adoption fundraiser garage sale.  It will take place on the northeast side of Indianapolis.  If you have any donations or know someone who would like to donate, please contact us.  Items can be picked up by us or dropped off Thursday afternoon/evening on the northeast side of Indy. If any of you would like to come shop, volunteer, or just drop in to say “hi”, you are most welcome!  We’d love to see you all!

Some dear friends just gave us donation items for the sale next week, along with another friend of theirs who had garage sale leftovers.  Thank you Larry, Tina, and your friend! We so appreciate  your donations.

So far we will have the following items at the sale: baby clothes, baby swing, books, homeschool books and items, cookbooks, tools, adult clothes, shoes of all sizes, small appliances, toys, antiques (may have a silent auction going), kitchen items, and more. We have priced everything to sell!

Please pass on this information to your friends and family! Invite them to join us on Friday and Saturday!

So, there you have today’s report.  We are preparing for a long walk next week-picking up donations, setting up tables, folding clothes, buying water to sell, making signs, advertising in the papers, sitting in the heat (praying for good weather), and trusting God to bring us lots of customers!

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