The Baby Bottle Walk

We bought a few baby bottles at the Dollar General and gave them out to friends and neighbors.  However, we sure could use more.  Would any of you happen to have baby bottles that you’d like to donate? We are giving them to people, leaving them at businesses, etc. in hopes of raising more funds for our baby’s adoption.

Or would any of you be willing to take a baby bottle in to a place of work, a local business, your family, etc. and ask people to throw their spare change in the bottle?

This is just one mini-article on how to use the baby bottles:

Baby Bottle Fundraiser

  • To hold a baby bottle fundraiser, you need a large quantity of baby bottles.  Check with local retailers and manufacturers to see if they’ll donate the  bottles to your cause or give you a discount. Create labels for the bottles that  explain that you’re trying to raise money for an adoption and would appreciate  donations of any spare change. Pass the bottles out to members of your church or  at your work place. People who want to help out can take a bottle home with  them. They then put loose change into the bottle. When the baby bottle becomes  full, they give it back to you.

Read more:  Creative Adoption Fundraising Ideas |

If you know of anyone with some extra baby bottles, please ask if they’d  like to donate them. Feel free to share this blog with them as well if they’d like to read up on how our baby’s adoption is unfolding.

So, today we are doing the Baby Bottle Walk….

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