Old Cell Phones, Printer Cartridges, and Fingerprinting Walk

Well, last week we had our second homestudy meeting.  It went well.  We both ended up in tears however.  We were asked about our families and when Steve had to tell about his sister being deceased and his father who passed away almost 3 years ago, he broke down.  I then cried too.  I had to pick up the conversation for a little bit while Steve pulled himself back together. It was an emotional visit, but it did go well. Our next meeting will be at our house for a home visit.  The social worker will be checking for safety issues in our house-electrical, fire extinguisher, carbon monoxide detecter, medications, cleaners, etc. and talking with our children and my MIL. She will do a complete walk-through of our home.  Then the next week we will have our last visit with her at her office.  At that point she will be able to begin the paperwork to finalize our homestudy.  Once the homestudy is finalized, then we can send out our family profile along with all the applications and paperwork to the adoption agencies. After that, we wait for a birthmom to choose us.  No, we do not get to choose our baby.  The birthmom gets to look through many different family profiles (stories and info. about the family and lots of pictures) and decide which family she would like her baby to be a part of.  Then there may be a phone conversation or even an actual meeting for her to decided if she definitely wants our family.  If we are all in agreement, then we have a match.  The waiting/countdown then begins for the birth of our baby. However, it may not be so simple.  There is always the chance that something could go wrong with the pregnancy, the birthmom could give birth and then decide to parent the baby (oh, Lord, please don’t let us hold that baby in our arms and then have to give him/her back…I don’t know how much more heartache we could take), the birth father could decide to not agree to the adoption, etc. So, we are praying for a safe, quick delivery of our baby and an adoption that can be completed with the first match that we have.  We are praying the Lord brings us the right birthmom for the first match that we get.

We have been praying for our birthmom, whomever she may be, that she be healthy, not smoke, drink, or use drugs. We pray that she eats healthy during her pregnancy as well. We have also been praying for our baby for his/her health and safety.  Only God knows the right birthmom and baby for us.  We are totally trusting Him with an open hand.  We trust that He will provide in all ways for our baby to come home. We would be ever so thankful if you would join us in prayer.

If you know a birthmom, please also take a moment and thank her.  Thank her for giving her baby LIFE.  Thank  her for loving her baby enough to give him/her a family to grow up in with both parents present and siblings. Love her.  Pray for her.  She is not giving up her baby because she does not love him/her. She is giving up her baby because she DOES love him/her.  She will carry the memory of this baby in her womb with her for the rest of her life.  She will remember his/her birth always.  Love her and pray for her.

This week we will be getting our FBI fingerprinting done, along with a county police clearance.  So, our children will get to go with us and see the inside of some interesting buildings. 😉  We will also be getting a special water testing kit from our hospital.  We need to test our water for the homestudy. Prayers for all of this to happen in an expedient fashion would be appreciated.

On a different note, we have begun collecting old cell phones and printer cartridges.  If you have one or many, we would gladly take it/them off your hands.  We can turn these in for a few cents and will be applying it towards our adoption fund. Ask around and see if your family or friends have any too!

Also, please remember to check out our fundraiser links on the right side here! We would be so thankful if you would choose to use one or all of them for your shopping needs!

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