Homestudy Walk Half Finished and LOVE

Today we stopped at the sheriff’s department for our county clearance.  I haven’t been in a jail in awhile.  No, never actually lived there, but took our children there on a field trip years ago.  The day we went an inmate disappeared when he was being walked from the courthouse to the bathroom. Yikes!  I told our children that I was not going back to a jail again.  Well, as always my mouth betrays me.  We were in the jail today, but not IN the jail. 😉  It was interesting as the glass was mirrored at the window and you hear this voice speak to you from the other side.  You hand over your driver’s license and this hand snatches it from the little valley between the two of you.  You continue to look down as you feel funny looking at yourself in the mirror while you talk.  You almost feel guilty.  Guilty of what?  While we wait, I notice some drawings on the wall and notice a wonderful drawing of John 8.  The people in the jail need Jesus too.  They too can repent of their sins and be saved. Then we notice that the LDS (Latter Day Saints) missionaries have been in to visit.  Why aren’t more missionaries coming in for visits to the jail?  How lonely.  How sad.  These are God’s children.  He created them too.  They need Jesus. Then in a blink of an eye, you are given your papers and are free to go.

On to the hospital where we pick up our water test kit.  We need to get it back to the hospital by 8AM Thursday morning.  That’s gonna be tough as hubby has a big day at work and most of our children will not even be up yet at that time!

Then we went to the fingerprinting place.  This is all done electronically these days.  Our oldest boys went in and watched all the details of it. All of these stops took just a couple of hours.

We now have about half of our items to do for the homestudy list checked off. Yes!  As Steve used to joke about me, “she loves checking off items on her lists” and “she loves her planner”.  So, this made me feel better today. Steve still has quite a bit more on his list to check off and I have a few individual items left.

We are part of a wonderful group of adoptive and soon-to-be adoptive parents online.  All of these families are working with our consultant and are at different points in the process. When someone heads out to the state to be there for the birth of their baby, we hear about it.  When someone has a baby, we hear about it.  Something about hearing the details of the stories makes me want to cry. Hearing that the adoptive mom was with the birthmom while she was in labor and during the birth.  The details of how big the baby is, how long, what he/she looks like, etc. Hearing about the adoptive parents getting to hold their new baby is exciting. Yet, I feel a pang of sadness thinking about the birthmom.  What was it like for her to carry that baby for 9mths., feel his/her movements and hiccups, go into labor, push the baby out, see him/her for the first time, and sometimes even hold him/her before giving the baby over to the adoptive parents.  How heartwrenching and how awesome.  LOVE.  It is all about LOVE. The adoptive parents love so much as to give their time, efforts, work, money, and life for their baby.  The birthmom loves so much as to carry that baby for 9mths., feel the tiredness, outgrow her clothes, feel the morning sickness, give birth, and then hand the baby to his/her adoptive family. Love is seen in so many ways.  Love.

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