Donation Walking

This week we are gearing up for a couple more fundraisers in July. If you would like to walk with us through these fundraisers, we’d be ever so thankful.  Prayers as always are greatly appreciated!

First, we are planning a July 7th (Saturday) Adoption Fundraiser Yard Sale again.  If you have any thing that you plan to donate to Goodwill, something that you no longer want, something that you would like to give away, please give us a holler.  We’d be thrilled to collect the items from you! Think books, household goods, clothes, small appliances, shoes, baby items, etc. Ask your friends and family if they have any thing to donate too!

Second, we are planning an auction the last week of July.  This will be for the big items. If you have a big item(s) sitting around the house, barn, garage, etc. and want to donate it, please let us know.  We’ll gladly put it in our auction. We’ve already got a nice, large chalkboard (thank you Terry and family), a couple vacuums, large saws, tools, a television, etc. going into the auction.

If you know a good auctioneer, please pass the name along to us.  We are looking for one to help us in July with our auction.

Third, if you’d like to help us in another way with our fundraising for adopting, please consider shopping through one of the links listed to the right. Every penny takes us one step closer to meeting the amount of money that we will need to adopt our baby.


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