Adoption Fundraiser Sale Walk Tomorrow

This is short as we are trying to pull together all the yard and homeschool sale items, price, make signs, post ads online, sort items, set up tables, etc. for our sale tomorrow.  It is predicted to reach 104 degrees today.  This heat is unbearable! We are hoping tomorrow is not as bad. Please pray for a break in the weather and many,many customers tomorrow.

If any of you have a spare moment later this evening or tomorrow, we’d love to have some help! We’d also love to have you all come shop our sale tomorrow!  We have tons and tons of items.  We picked up more items this week.  Thank you to Brenda and family and Tina and family/sister for all your donations. We so appreciate all your donations! Some of the items we have are tools, antiques, printer, shoes and boots, clothes, cookbooks, doilies, curtains, novels, toys, stroller, vacuum, puzzles, tablecloths, appliances, kitchen items,  a van, a truck top, kittens, workshop items, crafts, and homeschool items such as KONOS, Classical Astronomy, Apologia, math, spelling, logic, critical thinking, beginning readers, science, history (lots of Civil War and Ancient), biographies and literally hundreds more books.  Please pass this info. on to your friends and family.  All proceeds go towards our adoption fund.

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