The Walk of a Prayer

We began our fundraiser sale on Saturday morning and ended it on Sunday afternoon.  We had only planned to have the sale one day, but due to 114 degree heat index, we decided to let it sit open on Sunday for a few hours as well.  We are so thankful we did.

On Saturday we had a few people come to the sale, but they just couldn’t take the heat and shopped quickly and left. We had candles that melted on the tables in the heat!

On Sunday, I prayed and asked God to bring us a buyer for the van that our friends had donated.  An hour before we closed, a man happened to be driving by one of our signs.  He just so happened to have had his truck die on him the day before and needed transportation.  He saw the van and made us an offer.  He said he hadn’t planned on buying a van that day!  Praise the Lord!

We now have enough money to complete the homestudy in Utah! We are so thankful and so awed by what God has done for us. He does answer prayers!

Speaking of prayers, please pray for us to find a home in Utah quickly.  The sooner we have a house to move in to, the sooner we can complete our homestudy.

We are now trying to find an auctioneer to help us with our auction the end of this month. Pray for us to find a good one!

Thank you all for praying for our sale to go well!  Prayers were answered.

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