We Will Be Walking in Our New House Soon!

Exciting news today and another God story!  Several of you have emailed asking about updates on our move and if we have found a house yet.  Last night the papers were signed!  We close, Lord willing, the end of this month! Get ready for another long, God story!

Last week, our friend and realtor came to look at our house and talk about putting it on the market.  As we sat there talking, I realized the magnitude and impact that our selling our house and moving to Utah has on several children’s lives.  You see, our friend and his family are adopting again!  They are now in the process of adopting 5 children! Lord willing, they will have their children this fall. Our realtor friend is trusting God for the money to travel and adopt their children.  He is believing that our house will sell quickly and then help their adoption fund along some.  We have been anxious to find a house to call home for our future baby that we will adopt and hopefully, many more children adopted in our future.  We knew we needed to have a house that would be considered “big enough” for adding more children to our family as there are certain square footage requirements. And our realtor/friend/relative in Utah has a big family as well that they also homeschool.  Can you begin to see how many children’s lives are being impacted for His glory by the selling of a house and buying of another?  All of our families are Christian bringing up our children in the admonition of the Lord. And then how many lives will those children affect for eternity?

Back to our house search now.  We took the job in Utah totally in faith that the Lord would provide a house for us and that we would be patient and wait on Him. We opened our hands to give what He wanted us to give and accept what He wanted us to accept. That includes some blessings as well! When we said “no” to the Utah job in April, there were very few houses to choose from in our price range, let alone any with some acreage.  What we have been looking for is basically unheard of in our price range in Utah.  I’m sure a few people thought we were crazy. Well, if God can keep a job open for Steve for over 3 months, then He certainly can keep a house on the market for over 2 years for our family! 🙂 I will not tell you how much the house was originally listed for, but suffice it to say that it was definitely out of our price range/dreams. Just last week they dropped down low enough that the house came on our radar.  I loved it in the pictures and sent it to Steve asking him to go take a look at it.  He did view it the next night. Then the following day we had an accepted offer! Can I just share a little of our blessing? Can I also be open and share how we (maybe me more than Steve) struggle to accept such a blessing? We’ve been through health issues (both of us), the loss of Steve’s father, the loss of our babies (which happens to have happened this month…makes for a tough season to get through right now, but the Lord is keeping my eyes focused ahead and on Him), cross-country moves, stress galore and a constant struggle with family/work/life balance at Steve’s old job.  Could we possibly be given such a blessing?  Us?  Who are we?  There must be some mistake here.  We have only dreamed of living in a place such as this.  Aren’t we supposed to be giving up more and losing more?  You mean God wants to bless us like this?  He has always blessed us, but after the past few years, we’ve really been hanging on by a thread at times. Even I was in a desert for awhile, but I continued to ask God to bring me back close to Him.  He did.  He truly did.  And now this? Do any of you understand what I am sharing here?  Have you ever struggled in this area? God loves us and yes, He can bless us too.

The house is in the country/mountains on 40 acres!  Yes, you read that right.  Herds of 100s, and I mean 100s, of elk come and live there every fall and winter.  You can literally walk out your back door and throw a rock and hit them, along with shoot your grassfed meat for the year! Tons of deer and some moose too! 40  hummingbirds flying around the house constantly outside in the summer.  A small pond, a few barns, privacy, and an area to ride horses.  The owner has had other higher-priced offers that he has accepted before and then it did not work out. They kept dropping the price on the house until we came along a couple days ago. God has been keeping this house for us for 2 years, waiting on us to come.  God also built the plant that Steve works at now, a year ago!  All these things He has worked out for His glory! We already know that we want to use this home and land for His glory.  We have some ideas coming forward, but do not have a definite plan as of yet.  Glory Acres Ranch will have a ministry! We also know that there will be plenty of room to adopt more children, if it be the Lord’s will.  We feel as if we are living in a dream and need to be pinched.  We keep thinking in our flesh, “Is it really okay if we accept this blessing?” and yet, we know we need to trust God in all things. It is just so overwhelming! The owner even asked Steve if he’d like to stay there at the house until the closing! Can you imagine having a buyer stay at your house while you still live there and are preparing to move??? Wow!

Another blessing in Steve’s new job is his blood sugar is now totally normal!  He has been dealing with diabetes the past 4 years and it was the stress that was keeping his blood sugar elevated!  He feels better, looks better, and has the blood sugar to prove it! Praise God! The company is totally family -oriented and tells their employees to go home and enjoy the weekends with their families!  Steve is still trying to unwind from his past job and relax over the weekends.  Kinda hard to do after so many years of stress!

Now some more news on the adoption-front. We are gathering our items for the auction this month.  We’ve had a few donations and are including many of our things as well.  We are planning to have the auction items all ready in the next couple of weeks.  Prayers for our items to sell for a good price would be appreciated!

We are also looking for a good livestock hauler.  If you know of anyone who would be interested in hauling livestock to Utah for us, please pass their info. on to us!  Another area that we might need help in is driving our family and dogs, cats, etc. to Utah.  This will not include the livestock, just the driving with us and a few trailers behind us.  This is a 1600 mile journey and we are going to try and make it in 3 days.  Any extra drivers that would like to see the west with us, would be appreciated! We’d love the company too! Funny, how independent we use to be and would never have thought to ask for help from anyone!  Time, age, and wisdom change all that! 🙂

We still have our 31ft. Prowler LS camper for sale. If you know anyone interested, please send them our way.  We also have a 30 ft. construction trailer that friends gave us when they moved.  It was used for goats and chickens.  We put the wheels on it and it is in ready-to-move condition. If you know anyone interested in it, please let us know.  These are two items we cannot put in our auction.

The sooner we get our house settled in Utah, the sooner we can pick up with our homestudy and move forward in the adoption process.  All in His time, not ours!

Please pray for peace in our home as we hurry, scurry around to clean out barns, deweed, clean, pack, organize, etc. for our upcoming move to the Wild West.  Our children each have 2 backpacks-one for clothes and one for books and toys.  Is it any surprise that they have them packed already? Our youngest son has his cowboy guns and handcuffs packed!  He has always said that when he grows up he is going to be a cowboy. LOL! He’s already asking when he’ll be able to go out and hunt some elk for us to eat. Our oldest son said yesterday, “I’m ready to start.”  I asked what he was ready for and he said, “To start walking to Utah.  I want to get there now!” He doesn’t want to wait to pack and load the trucks and move. :-)We are looking forward to walking in our new home soon! May the Lord bless you too!


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  1. danielle says:

    How much for camper?

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