Almost Walking in Utah

How amazing our God is! Every single day through this move towards Utah, He has either answered prayers or done some amazing thing that people sit back and ask “how could that be?”. We know how-God! I will share some of our amazing days with you on this post and then must be going.  This will probably be our last post until we arrive in Utah and have our computer up and running. Again, prayers for peace and calmness in this move would be appreciated.  Also, prayers for our safety as we travel 3 days with our 6 children, my mother-in-law, our realtor/friend, dogs, cats, poultry, and a rabbit to Utah. We leave on the 7th.

The day of the house inspection in Utah, the owner of the 40 acres in front of us “just happened to show up” from San Diego, CA.  He only comes up to his land once every few years.  Turns out he just recently lost greenbelt status (this means agricultural land that has VERY inexpensive property taxes)on his 40 acres. He is not planning to build on it, but just hold it for investment. He told us that we can use his 40 acres to graze our animals so that he can have greenbelt status again.  That would mean a total of 80 acres available for us to graze our animals on!  The seller’s agent is also selling 550 acres next door to us and said that they just lost their greenbelt status too.  She said that they most likely will be willing to allow us to graze on some of their acreage as well! We about fell over! Isn’t God amazing?  He just “happened” to have the owner from San Diego show up on the day of our inspection!

The day of our adoption fundraiser yard sale, we met two wonderful new friends/neighbors. One lady ran into us  again at a barn sale a little over a week ago.  We stood there with her and her friend sharing God stories for a half an hour.  We exchanged phone numbers and by the next day she had called me. She said the Lord was laying it on her heart that I needed help with cleaning and organizing for this move!  Only the Lord could know and do this! She has now been here twice to help me prepare for this huge move west.  She has been such a wonderful blessing!  I now have a new, beloved sister/friend in Christ.

The other wonderful, new neighbor/friend that we met the day of the adoption fundraiser sale was the wife of our neighbor over the hill.  Steve and her husband knew each other, but she and I had not met.  Turns out we have many things in common! She is coming over to help me prepare for this move tomorrow evening.

Suddenly, we have been given lots of help!  Our dear friends from Bloomington came up last week and helped us clean our kitchen cabinets.  We are so thankful for all this help.  We never had any of this help before in any of our moves. It only shows us that we are going in the right direction with this move.  It is amazing how every thing is falling into place.  It’s like we are on a fast track now and the ball will not stop rolling until we arrive in Utah. 🙂

Our children are very excited and counting the days until we move.  They have been cleaning their rooms in preparation for the packers that come on Labor Day. They are making plans for what kind of animals they will see in Utah, what their rooms will be like, the new friends that they will meet, etc. We are all in agreement that this is the direction that the Lord wants us to go!

I could tell many more stories, but it’s time for me to get back to baking for our move (and the days we will live out of a cooler while the packers work here) cross-country for 3 days, cleaning, organizing, etc. If you would like to stop in and see us before we hit the road, drop us a line or give us a call! We’d love to see you!

We are almost walking in Utah!

May the Lord bless you and may you see His hand in each of your days.


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2 Responses to Almost Walking in Utah

  1. baptistmama says:

    We are so happy for you. Our God is amazing! We only wish we were closer or you were coming to Montana! God bless you as you walk with God

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