Need Prayer Warriors Walking with Us!

Well, we are in the throes of packing, baking, cleaning, and preparing for this move and wouldn’t you know it, the devil rears his ugly head.  We must have been sharing just a tad bit too much about our faith in God lately, because we are getting thrown for a spin now.

Our packers arrive on Monday and there is no stopping them now.  They will arrive with about 8-10 people.  They will pair off and begin packing everything, and I do mean everything! We will have to have our refrigerator unplugged a few days before they move it and will be living out of coolers during that time.  Our paperwork just came out of underwriting and it’s looking like we’ll either close via Fedex next week, close Thursday (which is nearly impossible as we have to meet the livestock haulers on Friday morning here early and then head out and drive 500 miles)in Utah, or close on the Monday when we get there before the moving truck shows up.  If we close on the Monday that we get there, we will have to close before 8AM as that is when all the livestock haulers (2 trucks of sheep, goats, horses, cattle, etc. arrive) and the moving company arrives with our stuff.  We will be living out of coolers while on the 3 day drive to Utah and then also in the front yard until we close (if they’ll even allow us to step on to the property before closing…and think of all our livestock needing a place to get out of those trucks).

We need prayer warriors NOW!  Every day has fell perfectly into place ever since we were called to Utah until today! We are asking that you pray and believe with us that we will close before we get to Utah and we will have a home in Utah when we arrive. There will be 10 of us(driving 3 different trucks) traveling together along with two separate trucks hauling our livestock and horses.  There are a lot of people involved in this move and a lot of difficulties could come if we do not have a smooth move.  The logistics of this cross-country move is unbelievable. Do we have any prayer warriors out there willing to walk with us?

Update 2 hours later: We’ve moved everything back a week. God is in control!  Back to the baking, packing, organizing, cleaning, etc. 🙂

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