The Walk of God’s Timing

We left off with our closing date being moved back a week on the last post. We have found that this is about God’s timing, not ours.  We had been letting go of most every thing else, except the date of what we felt the closing should/would be.  Suddenly, we found ourselves in a hurried, heated moment of “not getting what we want”. 🙂  Steve called me up later that day and said, “This is not about our timing, but about God’s.”  After that, we called our horse hauler and told him of the date change.  He said it actually worked out much better for him.  We talked with our livestock hauler and he said it worked out better for him to move our livestock a week later as his wife is wanting to go with him for a trip out west.  And our realtor/friend who is coming with us to help drive also liked the date change as he can now bring his son along for the drive out west. Our boys are thrilled with this idea! Not one person involved in this move was disappointed in the date change for moving!  To top it all off, we had a fire the day of what would have been our closing this week.  The land in front of us (remember the guy from CA that said we could use his land to graze our animals on?) caught on fire and burned 50-60 acres! It burned a small portion of our land in front (5 acres or so) of our house as well.  The owner had to evacuate our future house.  The local news crew was up there filming from our land!  Can you imagine if we had been sitting at the closing and a call came in that there was a fire on our land? God is good.  His plan is the best plan. Actually, the fire will be good for our pasture use next spring.  We’re not saying we like fires as they scare us, but they do help the land over time.

Another exciting thing is that the owner is leaving us all his winter gear-coats, ski jackets, ski pants, tobaggans, goggles, etc.!!! He asked if we wanted it and we said definitely!  There must be around 50 items!  We are thrilled with being provided these items for the winters in the mountains.  One new neighbor told us it can be 50 in the morning and by evening be 25 below 0!  He said it doesn’t happen all the time, but it does happen and fast.

We continue to be amazed at the timing of God! We now leave the 14th and will arrive the 16th, Lord willing, in Utah.  Come visit us before our caravan of conestoga wagons goes west. We’d love to see you all, if only for a few minutes! And if you all are our new friends in Utah, please come see us! We are looking forward to meeting you all in person. We know God has planted you in our lives for such a time as this!

We continue in this walk of God’s timing.

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