Homestudy Paperwork Walk

We have sent in our paperwork for our homestudy and application to the adoption agency here in Utah!  Yes!  It only took us 5mths. of starting a homestudy in Indiana, stopping it, moving over 1500 miles in 3 days with 7 trucks that included our six children, my mother-in-law, our livestock, and all our possessions, and restarted  a homestudy in Utah. All in His time, not ours.

Within a few hours of talking with the agency to let them know we are here in Utah now, they had a social worker assigned to us.  She called us immediately! Then we found out that she had paperwork and a questionnaire that she wanted us to fill out too.  Plus, we found out that the FBI fingerprints that were done in Indiana do not count.  So, we have to be re-fingerprinted.  We are also waiting on medical forms to be filled out by our doctors and one more referral letter. We are one step closer to adopting!

Prayers for us to complete these last few items in a timely manner would be greatly appreciated!

For now we will be finishing up our homestudy paperwork walk. 🙂


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