We Have Room Walk

This coming Sunday is Orphan Sunday. Please consider asking your church, family, friends to support adoption.  There are many ways to support adoption.  If you know a family wanting to adopt, offer to help run a fundraiser for them, to sort items for a fundraiser yard sale, to print flyers or announcements, etc.  If you know a family that has adopted offer to help them with some laundry, household chores, running some errands, etc.  If you know someone who was adopted, talk with them, ask them what it was like, the benefits to adoption, etc. If you know someone who would love to adopt, but thinks they cannot afford it, share how God works in our lives and if He puts it on their hearts to adopt, He will provide the means. And as always pray for the orphans in this world.  There are many,many, many orphans in this country and internationally.  Pray for the adoptive families.  Pray about how you can live the Gospel with adoption.

This video looks to be very interesting.  You might want to check it out.  It is about a family that had 3 biological children and adopted 6 children.


As for an update on us.  We have turned in almost all of our paperwork and are now just in need of a few more items before our social worker will come to our home for our homestudy visit. We are so close, yet it seems like we are so far away still from having a finalized homestudy.  As soon as we have that, then we can begin applying to adoption agencies, being presented to birthmoms, and apply for grant/matching programs.

This walk we are currently on has plenty of room to add more of His children.  It’s all a matter of His timing. We have plenty of room in our hearts and home for another blessing.

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