The Creative Walk

Just had to share with you the creativity and beauty I was so privileged to be a part of moments ago.

Our four youngest have been building a new “town”.  You see, in Indiana, they loved playing “town” and building treehouses.  Here we do not have trees, but lots of rocks, tumbleweed, and mountains.  Our youngest took some leftover (from the previous owner) boards and made a small farm house which includes a little root cellar, a lean-to, and a bench to sit on outside their house.  They then decided that the pile of rocks with a small cave in it would be where the local mine is.  The pile of dirt is the mountain next to their town. They put down an old gate to make a bridge to cross a small gulley (that they are dreaming of having enough rain to fill it up someday) and made a garden near the house.  They also have a cemetary with a cross where they buried a dead cricket. As I walked around their “town”, I was reminded  that children are so resilient.  They can adjust to so much. So much easier than we can as adults.  We wondered about how they would adjust to another move across country, but the Lord has had a couple specific occasions where He has shown me that they will be just fine wherever He takes them.  He showed me this the week that we made the decision to reconsider Utah again and then today out on our mountain. Our children enjoy playing with each other (well, most of the time) creating wonderful memories.  These memories will always be with them no matter how far they travel.  How could we have believed that it was so ultimately important that we stay in Indiana for them? What were we staying for-the green grass? The trees? Their treehouse? The memories we had there? The friends we have there? Why would we consider saying “no” to God when He was calling us directly here? All of those things and people are beautiful in our memories, but oh, to be called by God and obey Him is so rewarding.  He knows what our family needs.

I am reminded of a children’s book that I have read to our children from time to time, Roxaboxen.  It is about little children who create their own town with rocks, sticks, etc. and then grow up.  They carry those memories with them into old age. Our children will be blessed with these wonderful memories way into their old age.  They will be sharing these memories with their children and grandchildren someday. I have been blessed today to be a little part of our children’s memory-making. Thank you Lord, for this beautiful privilege. Thank you for this creative walk.

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