List Walking

Before this post begins, we just want to take a moment and ask that you consider using our links along the side here to purchase gifts, books, school supplies, daily needs, etc. These links provide a small portion of proceeds that go into our adoption fund. We thank you for taking a moment to look through our affiliate links.  Every purchase brings us one step closer to meeting our goal.

Many people have been surprised to learn what we have had to do/produce/pay for just to get to the point of completing the homestudy. We too, were surprised when we began this journey. So, we thought we’d share some of our many lists that we have had during this walk.

First of all, in Indiana, our social worker gave us a list of items needed to complete our homestudy there. This list included fingerprints, background checks, county clearance papers, autobiographies for both of us, driving records, blood tests for numerous infectious diseases, a test of our water, pediatrician letters of health on each of our children, 3 reference letters, medical referral forms filled out on Steve and me saying we are in good health and able to care for a child (also that it looks as if we will live long enough to raise another child), a certified copy of our marriage license, certified copies of our birth certificates, tax returns from the past 3 years, copies of insurance cards, and there was more, but somehow we have managed to forget some of it. You would be amazed at how much it costs to do each item on the list!  Plus, throw in the cost of the homestudy and you are already reeling. Meanwhile, there are over 143 million orphans needing homes.

Fast forward to our new state.  The fingerprints have to be redone, even though they were already done through the FBI once. Another background check, copies of social security cards and driver’s license, all of the above list plus pet vaccine records, adoption questionnaire, application, and proof of how we are going to fund this adoption.  God knows how we will fund the adoption, but for now we must state what we plan to do-take out a loan, pull money from retirement  savings, gift from relative, etc.  Yes, we will continue fundraising, but there are no guarantees on paper that this will produce what is needed to adopt.  We do trust that God will provide, but we also need to provide answers to man.

Then our social worker has a different questionnaire that we must answer before she comes to our home to visit and inspect for safety.

Our consultant has been pulling together our profile (a book of pics. of our family, info. about our home, hobbies, hopes for our children, neighborhood, jobs, etc.) which will be shown to prospective birthmoms.  The birthmom will choose us, not vice versa. We may have our profile shown 50 times before we are chosen! Or more, or less. Our consultant is in need of more pics. from us-more of the children with me (I’m usually the picture-taker), more of our extended family, etc. She also needs us to update our neighborhood info. and home details on the questionnaire she gave us.

Every week we check off another item or two or three and we are one step closer to having a completed homestudy.  Our homestudy must be complete (which is all of the above lists) before we can be presented to a birthmom. The homestudy fee is less here than it was in Indiana, thankfully.

Then when a birth mom chooses us and we agree to it. We are matched.  At that time, we owe up to a possible $12,500. Yikes!  This is for birth mother needs. We are trusting when we are matched that He will provide.

When the time of placement comes, we will need to pay between $6500-15,000.  This covers the agency overhead and business related costs.

Next comes post placement home visits at $100 each. Plus, throw in medical expenses for the hospital delivery.  This can be up to $5500+.

And, finally the legal expenses up to $5000.

Is this list overwhelming?  Have you even managed to read this whole post? So, you can see why we keep talking about fundraising and needing to get paperwork done.  We can provide for the day-to-day needs of another blessing, but need to come up with the funds to adopt our blessing.  This is what discourages many prospective adoptive parents from adopting-too much time, money, and red tape.  We are more than willing to go through the fundraising, paperwork, etc., but can certainly understand why many people become frustrated and do not consider adopting after hearing all of these lists.  Wouldn’t the devil love for us to quit investigating how we can help these orphans? This is not a fleshly battle. We have been feeling a sense of urgency in the past few weeks to get these things finished up and only the Lord knows why.  However, we feel He is prompting us for a reason.

We will share with you some of our fundraisers that we have already done-yes, another list! We have had a homeschool booksale, two yard sales, are Amazon and CBD affiliates, are having larger items sold through an auction company, collected and turned in ink cartridges and old cellphones for money, sold books online, and I continue to sell Young Living essential oils.

Here is our list of ideas/plans for future fundraisers: sell elk tags for our property (don’t know all the details on out-of-state permits, but this runs through January), have an Usborne Books Party, sell items through eBay, make some crafty items to sell, have an online auction through 32 Auctions, jewelry fundraiser, and ???? We’d love to hear your ideas of how we can raise more funds. Or if you have something to make, donate towards a fundraiser, want to host a fundraiser for us, etc. we’d love to hear from you!

As you can see, we are very busy list walking. 🙂

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