The Walk of an Encouraging Word

I just received an email from a friend.  This friend is someone I have not known long.  She and I “met” online, but lived near each other.  We did not get to meet in person in the beginning as I suddenly found myself going through a miscarriage. The miscarriage was heart-breaking and I was unable to participate in the local group that my friend belonged to at that time. Fast forward a little over a year later and she was inviting us to her church.  We finally met in person later that week at church.  I immediately gave her a hug when we met as she had been so kind to me.  She had been the only person who had sent me a card when I was going through one of my miscarriages. It meant so much to me to finally meet this friend.

Sadly, we only spent a few months with her and her church as we were then called to Utah. Sometimes you wonder why the Lord brings people into your life, just before you are leaving, but you know that He is sovereign in all things. We could have had so many more times to meet and talk with each other if we still lived there. Not our will, but His.

Today I received an email from her saying she had caught up on our blog.  She told me that she was sure we probably received quite a few comments on why would a family our size want to adopt a baby. She went on to say she admired our family and could see the love in our hearts for children.  She said that there is a baby out there for us that will be so blessed.  It brought tears to my eyes.  An encouraging word! Believe it or not, this adoption walk is not all hunky-dorey.  There have been some wonderful, encouraging comments made to us.  And there have been some negative or questioning remarks made to us too.  Sadly, the negative comments do not seem to leave.  Then, we have the people who are only silent when we speak of adoption.  It is almost as if they are afraid to talk about it, or they do not think that we should adopt, but do not say anything.  It’s interesting when you start thinking about it.  Years ago when I received comments on the size of our family, I began sharing with others that we cannot take any of our material possessions with us to Heaven, but we certainly can take the souls of our children with us.  Many people told us that they would never want to have that many children as they liked their time to vacation, needed to pay for college, wanted to retire someday, etc. Yet, we have met many older couples that have teared up while talking with us and said that they wish they had had children/more children when they were younger as it can be very lonely later in life. No, not everyone can/will have children or adopt, but one can encourage another in their walk with the Lord. And that is just what my friend did today.  She encouraged us beyond belief. We can keep pushing forward with that encouraging email!

Who have you encouraged today? Give someone the walk of an encouraging word.

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2 Responses to The Walk of an Encouraging Word

  1. Annie L. says:

    Having nothing to do with the subject (if that is okay)… I wanted to say a word.

    Some days I feel alone in our walk, too: caring for an elderly parent who doesn’t want but needs help, with family that (for the most part) behave in a way that is just plain thoughtless to their parent, each other and our family. I read your blog and thought how wonderful it would be to hear small children, again and then, as I continued to read got sad.

    Why do we have to grieve the Holy Spirit by hurting our brothers and sisters in Christ – making their walk harder or more lonely? How awfully sad.

    I pray to be an encouragement, but don’t often get to hear or know that I am – because of this I have purposed to thank and praise people often. So in this spirit, thank you. For a minute I heard the pitter-patter of little feet and the laughter that often comes with. Thank you for the memories of your family – the times we spent together were sweet. And thank you for the reminder of what is important: going through a lifetime (my mother and father in law’s) the grief, the tedium and the monotony can cause one (me) to sometimes loose sight of these this.


  2. gloryacres says:

    Thank you for your kind words and reminder for us to encourage one another. I think some of us have a natural bent to encourage and some of us have to be reminded to encourage others. 🙂 God gives each of us gifts. We miss you all. We would love to see you again!

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