Walking Focused

Today I am going to share a flesh story. My flesh has had a struggle the past 24 hours.  Well, actually, it’s not the first time for my flesh to struggle, but this one pertains to our adoption.

First, I’ll start with the good news. We have all, did you hear that? ALL of our paperwork in to our social worker for our homestudy! Our home visit will be conducted in  a few weeks! Yippee!

We are waiting on the fingerprints still with the agency (even though we did them once in IN) to be done.

Our family profile books are all done and our consultant is sending them out to us.  These are the books that will be shown to birthmoms.

Here’s the downside in the past 24 hours. We were told that our insurance was excellent and would cover most of the medical needs.  However, after careful scrutiny, we found that there is no medical coverage for the birthmom, nor the baby during or after the birth.  The insurance company will only cover the baby after he/she has been placed with us. So, if we were able to have another biological baby, he/she would be totally covered during all the medical visits, tests, etc. along with me (the birthmom), but not for our future child that is to be adopted.

We also learned that Steve’s company does not have an adoption program in place, as many companies do, that would help with some of the expenses by reimbursing you a small amount after the adoption.

We also already knew that this year the adoption tax deduction was dropped as well. Even a close friend was surprised when I told her that there was no longer a tax deduction for adoptions, unless they are special needs.

We were not counting on all of these things coming through for us, but we had been hopeful that at least one would. So, the flesh in us was disappointed.

However, the spirit in us keeps reminding us that He will provide.  He has called us to adopt, therefore, He will see us through this walk.  I will admit that my flesh is struggling just a wee bit in the past 24 hours though. Lord, keep  my eyes focused on YOU.

We appreciate any suggestions you all can give us for more fundraising ideas and encouragement through this fleshly time.  Prayers for our home visit to go well in a few weeks are appreciated too.

We continue to be walking focused.

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