With God Nothing is Impossible Walk

For with God nothing shall be impossible.  Luke 1:37

Some days it feels like this adoption journey has taken forever to get us to this point.  In between the time we started this process to now, we have taken tons of pictures, filled out oodles of paperwork, gone halfway through a homestudy in Indiana, been called to Utah, separated our family from Steve for almost 3 mths. while we ran the farm back in Indiana, packed up and moved our family and animals 1500+ miles over a 3 day time period to Utah, unpacked many boxes, chased cattle, began getting involved in the community, started up another homestudy process along with applying to an adoption agency, and now next week we finally have that home visit where our social worker can then sign off on our family as being acceptable to adopt! I sometimes feel like this has taken years to get to this point. But, it seems our family never does things one at a time.  We for some reason often tend to have several irons in the fire at the same time! And now after the homestudy is complete, we begin the waiting.  Waiting to have our profile presented to a birthmom (possibly many birthmoms), waiting to have one of the birthmoms say “yes” to our family, then waiting for the baby to come, waiting for the paperwork to be signed, waiting for the finalization in court months later, waiting.  How long will we wait? How many times will we be matched to only be told later that it’s not going to work out? We don’t know the answers to these questions and more, but we do know WHO has the answers.  We will continue to keep our eyes focused on Him and wait.

If you get a chance, this is a great post about waiting  and heartache in adoption. http://www.facebook.com/l/KAQEuqh0OAQGcFpq_NfKFGA8jeF9ukZq9f7TjrQkdkNS8gQ/gracefilledmess.blogspot.com/2012/12/in-her-own-words-adoptive-mama-shares.html

We continue on our With God Nothing Shall Be Impossible Walk.

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