Why Do We Walk This Walk?

Our past week has been a roller coaster to say the least. I’ve held back on sharing some as I don’t want it to be misinterpreted.  On Saturday we had a total of 61 Believers in our home for the afternoon.  It was amazing! It was beautiful to see all of our new friends and meet some of them for the first time. We had a wonderful time of fellowshipping.

Then we awoke to huge issues on Sunday morning. Our septic tank was full to the brim and backed up into our basement.  Yes, we’re talking water all over our bathroom and rooms in the basement.  Some rooms had carpet. The former owner had stated in the agreement that he had had the septic tank cleaned only days before we moved in. If that were true, we should have a bucket for a septic tank! The thing was full!  I mean FULL! We had to pay an emergency fee to have a man come pump our septic tank that morning. We were found scurrying around gathering every towel in the house to make dams around the water in the basement. Then we had to go buy a wet vac pump to try and soak up some of the water. Next we called a water restoration company to come deal with the water in our carpets, pads, and walls. That was an all afternoon job. The fans are still blowing down there and the carpet is still ripped up along with the pad.

Meanwhile, we find that the roof leak we had fixed a few weeks ago is still leaking in one spot! Another bucket needed!

Then yesterday we found out that the title company and the mortgage company both paid our county taxes out of our escrow for us and now our mortgage payment has gone up an unbelievable amount.  An amount that we do not have currently to throw around. They can’t seem to figure out how it happened either! So, we are trying to get that straightened out quickly.

And guess what happens next week? Our homestudy home visit!  And guess what our house looks like? A wreck in the basement and stacks of sheets and blankets upstairs.  Our oldest boys have rooms in the basement (not a basement like you think of in the midwest) and have had to move out for the time being while the fans work to dry the carpets out. So, they are camping out in our family room! I know. I know.  God is in control and none of this is a surprise to Him.

Last night I asked Steve if he was excited about our profiles coming in the mail yesterday.  These are the “books” that will be made available to the birthmoms to look through when deciding on an adoptive family. He looked at me and said, “I am overwhelmed by it all.”  We have been called and we are obeying. How will we pay for it all? God will provide!  He will direct us to loans, to more fundraisers (hope you all don’t mind, but we’ll continue to have several fundraisers and email you about them!), to more things to sell, to more connections, to MORE! He will provide.

Sometimes I start to worry about sending out info. on another fundraiser or even talking about it as I do not want anyone to feel put on the spot, but would love for suggestions, help, and prayers from others.  Then I come across articles like the one below:


They also have another article on their site talking about “Should Christians Raise Funds for Adoption”.  It too, is a good read! It reminds me where we are in this world and what we are doing.  We need to press ahead and ignore the comments that are not positive and do as we are called to do. All the while we need to be showing love to one another.

This adoption journey has been a growing process for us.  Not only did we hold our hands out, palm up and empty to move to Utah, but we are doing the same in our adoption walk.  Our hearts have grown even more.  We realize we can’t adopt every orphan out there, but oh, how we have a heart for them now.

We are thankful for every struggle we have had.  We are thankful for all of your prayers and support! We are thankful for your encouragement! We are thankful for YOU! We hope that by being real with you, you may then turn around and be real with someone else. Maybe after following our story you will decide to adopt? Or do foster care? Or run a fundraiser for an adoptive family? Or work with an adoption agency? Or pass out information on adoption? Or share with your church the need to care for the orphans? Or offer to help an adoptive family with some of their daily chores? If you do reach out and do one of these, please share with us as you will truly bless our hearts!

Now can I share just a little  about the excitement growing in our children as we near time to be presented to a birthmom? Last night at the dinner table we were talking about how much fun it would be to adopt twins or a sibling group.  The children were talking about what rooms the babies/children would eventually sleep in-who would they share rooms with? Our youngest keeps telling me that when she gets married in 4-25 weeks (and she is only five) and has a baby, she will bring it over so that I can hold a baby again.  I used to cry everytime she told me this, but I’m getting better now. I hold the tears back. We have two babies in Heaven that we will someday hold too. She remembers these babies and saw how much it hurt to lose them.  She often talks about seeing them someday in Heaven. We’ve tried to prepare our children for the possibility of being chosen by a birthmom to only have her decide to parent after the baby is born.  Lord, protect our children’s hearts.  They have been through so much sadness at losing their two baby siblings. I often pray this prayer and ask Him to not allow us to be selected by a birthmom to only be told “no” when the baby arrives.  I don’t know if I could deal with more heartache.  Of course, I didn’t think I could walk through the miscarriages either and I just kept saying, “Lord, carry me as I cannot walk”. If it is His will, we will walk through heartache again.

Then we have our two daughters saying that they’d love to have a baby sister and the boys thinking that that is not “fair” (even though there are already 4 boys in the family? LOL).  Our second son asked about bonding yesterday.  Would the baby be grieving after his/her birthmom was no longer around in the day-to-day? How would we deal with that? How could we help that baby know that we love him/her and that we are here forever for him/her. Another son asked if we had started thinking about names for the baby we adopt.  Another commented on how fun babies are and that he enjoys playing with them. Oh, we are excited and hopeful!

These are just some of our ramblings that may answer why do we walk this walk?

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