Orphanology Walking

We recently received a book titled, “Orphanology” by Tony Merida and Rick Morton.  This book is amazing and I would recommend it to all Christians as it pertains to all of us!

I thought I’d share some of the book with you all here and there. One chapter is titled, “Why Are You Pushing Adoption and Orphan Care?” They share how many of people grew up in the church, yet, seldom or never heard about adoption and orphan care. Some of those same people feel that we are abandoning evangelism for the “social gospel” when we begin talking about orphan care and adoption . Jesus did both and so should we.  He evangelized and showed mercy.

A quote from this chapter is “My question for the anti-abortion protestors is: Would you be willing to adopt these kids if they are not aborted? It’s one thing to declare to those you disagree with, but it’s another to care for the little ones personally.”

The authors say adoption and orphan care are not new ideas, but Biblical ideas. So true.

I will share more in later posts about orphanology walking.

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