Fundraisers Update Walk

Tomorrow is our homestudy home visit!  We also have a big snowstorm moving in tonight.  Could you all please pray that the path will be clear by tomorrow for our social worker?

Thought we’d share how well we have done with our recent fundraisers.  Our Just Love Coffee has brought in $7 (see link to the side).  The Usborne Books fundraiser that Catie put on for us brought us $50.  We are hoping to do another one of these in the next few months as it will bring 50% profits at that time. And so far out of the 20 elk tags, we have 10 spoken for! That leaves only 10 tags left!  If you are interested, you need to let us hear from you ASAP!! They are going fast! At this point, the elk tags will pay for our homestudy visit tomorrow and her mileage expenses.  Plus, it will leave us a little  bit to go with our proceeds from our book and coffee fundraisers.  This will go in the fund towards the match with our birthmom. Lord willing, that the elk come down within the next month! We have agreed to give back people’s donations if the elk do not come for some strange reason this year.  So, this money will be kept safe until the elk appear!

As soon as we pass our homestudy we can begin applying for grants.  We have been told over and over that it is very difficult to get a grant, but it is definitely worth trying for. We will do this! We are going to fill out all the paperwork and apply like crazy!

Prayer requests at this time:

Pray for our homestudy to happen tomorrow even though there is a snowstorm coming and that all goes well!

Pray for all of our elk tags to sell and the elk to come to our back door literally!

Pray for us to have wisdom in deciding what other fundraisers we should do.

Pray for our hearts to be open to what the Lord leads us to and through.

Thank you all for your prayers!  We feel them! We also feel the enemy circling closer and closer as we near finishing this homestudy.  Steve’s truck died Friday night and I had to go get him in the dark with snow coming down and in our 15 passenger van, driving down our mountain and over the summit! Scary!!! I do not have 4WD. Our tub faucet broke off!  And the list goes on….

So, please keep those prayers coming.  We are in a fight for our baby! We are fighting to give him/her a safe, loving home forever.

Okay, that sums up our fundraisers update walk.

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2 Responses to Fundraisers Update Walk

  1. Danielle says:

    I have a couple fundraiser ideas. Do you have a chik-fil-a near you? You can ask them to donate a portion of their sales to your adoption. You have to pass out flyers to your friends and ask them to go to chik-fil-a and turn in the flyer with thier purchase. We had friends do this and I think they got 20% of what thier friends and family spent. Worth looking into. Another fund raiser they did was have a gold turn in event. They had a party and invited their friends to come and bring their gold that is just laying around and they had a gold buyer exchange money for their gold and then anyone could donate what they wanted to the adoption. Just a few ideas to springboard from.

    • gloryacres says:

      Oh, thank you Danielle! I just asked our social worker today if we have Chik Fil A and she said there are a few out here! We will find out where they are and check into it! Wow, have never thought of the gold idea.

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