The Saga Continues Walk

Yes, today is our homestudy home visit.  However, that doesn’t happen until later this afternoon.  So, the day is still young…much can happen and hopefully nothing but peace will happen!

Last night I had to drive our four youngest home from a meeting while Steve and our oldest two stayed behind to finish the meeting. We knew a snowstorm was coming later in the evening and wanted to get home. Leaving the valley it was raining hard with some snow mixed in.  By the time we headed out of the valley we hit snow in the dark. We climbed the summit in our 15 passenger van and found all four lanes of traffic at almost a stand-still at the top. Snow was coming down like crazy! A tad stressful and scary! Finally made it over and down the summit. Then it became one lane due to the snow the rest of the way home.  We got to our driveway and started up the mountain, but couldn’t go very far.  I tried to back up and the van took over and started sliding backwards.  Keep in mind that I was just at the beginning of an extremely deep ravine! I wasn’t but  a wee bit up the driveway and could still see the street, but had to steer to avoid going over the edge. I finally got the van stopped and put the emergency brake on. We all got out of the van and began walking up the mountain in the dark.  I’ve never walked up a mountain, let alone .6 miles in a snowstorm in the dark with four young children. The children didn’t have a problem with it, but I’m definitely not in shape for mountain climbing!! 🙂 We eventually made it to the top and found our home.  Thank God!  Meanwhile, Steve and the two oldest were coming through all the snow about 45 minutes behind us.  Bad, bad weather.  They made it home and drove the van up the mountain for me with it fishtailing the whole way while they floored it!  Then they walked back down to the truck and brought it up. Needless to say I did not get to sleep until around 1AM this morning! Steve managed to fall asleep about an hour before, but our adrenaline sure was pumping!

This morning we were awoke at a little before 6AM from a friend in Indiana who is two hours ahead of us! UGH! Love the friend, just not the time of day after last night.  So, we got 5-6 hours sleep and our social worker is coming this afternoon.

Meanwhile, Steve literally slid down our mountain in his truck (4wd) this morning and the summit is pretty nasty.  Will they have the streets cleared in time? Will we have to postpone the homestudy?

And now ever since I got up this morning, there has been this booming every little bit in the mountains.  It does not sound like a gun.  Avalanches? They said the possibility was high from the snow.  Rocks falling? These are huge booms!! Kinda scary as I do not have a clue what it is and the children think it is thunder, but it’s not!

Please pray for the roads and our driveway to be cleared before this afternoon so that Steve and our social worker can make it back up the mountain.  Please pray all goes well with our homestudy. And please pray for the booming to stop or for me to understand what it is soon!

So, there you have the sage continues walk!

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2 Responses to The Saga Continues Walk

  1. Hannah says:

    What an adventure! The booming could have been avalanche control. On the ski slopes, the owners prevent landslides by causing them first, before any skiiers his the slopes. They shoot big howitzers at the slopes, making big booms. I wonder if that is what you heard.

    And don’t worry–you’ll be in mountain hiking shape soon. Your body needs time to acclimate to the elevation and make more red blood cells.

    • gloryacres says:

      Yep, we believe the booming was just that! Never heard such a thing before! 🙂 I’m still learning to live in the mountains. And as far as mountain hiking shape…I don’t know if I want to walk it in the dark again. The coyotes have a huge pack sitting next to our driveway now, howling and yipping like crazy. Thank God I got the little ones up the mountain that night without any problems! Shew!

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