Presentation of Profile Walk

Where do I begin? On Wednesday, the day after our homestudy, I called the adoption agency about a baby boy due in a couple months. We have been anxiously awaiting the phone call back with info. on this baby! It came today!!

After hearing the information about the birthmom, birthfather and their family, we have asked to have our profile shown to the birthmom.  She will be viewing the profiles on Monday (Christmas Eve) and we have no idea how many profiles she will be looking at!

Please pray for the birthmom to have wisdom in choosing a family for her baby. Please pray for her health and the baby’s health. Please pray for us to hold our hands and hearts wide open. We want what the Lord wants for us.

Also, please pray for us to have peace about coming up with the money.  If we are matched, we will owe over $16,000 immediately.  Gulp and panic! Please, please share our fundraisers with your friends, family, neighbors, etc.!  Every penny counts!! We still have 7 elk tags left.  Let us know if you are interested! We are starting several more fundraisers in the next few weeks.  We are also looking for yarn and scrap material (such as cotton fabrics, fleece, ribbons, etc.) to make items to sell. If you have any, we’d be thrilled to take it off your hands!

We know we may not be chosen by the birthmom, but what if?  What if this is the baby that the Lord wants us to raise in our home? Only the Lord knows. We wait in anticipation on Him.

Thank you for joining us in prayer on our presentation of profile walk.

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2 Responses to Presentation of Profile Walk

  1. Tina says:

    Just FYI — the “spare change” fundraiser continues to say this, “The vendor account for this fundraiser is not verified. The fundraiser cannot receive donations until the account is verified.”

    • gloryacres says:

      OH NO!!!!!! I had talked with the lady about that and she had supposedly taken care of it! UGH!!!! I may just have to look for another avenue! This is not good! Thank you for telling us as we never would have known!

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