Fundraiser Update Walk

Well, it looks like our donate button is not working. I’ve tried emailing them and the lady keeps asking for a picture of our paypal account.  That kinda scares me! We do have a verified paypal account, yet the youcaring site keeps saying we do not.  So, I am in the process of looking for a different donate site. Just a few technical difficulties!

I have to share with you all the exciting fundraisers we have getting ready to start soon! Here is the list (do you have a few hours to read through? 😉  ):

1. Our Jacob sheep have given us some beautiful wool and their rovings will be ready to sell sometime next month! Do you spin or knit? Do you know someone who does? Jacob wool is wonderful for handspinning and knitting!

2. We are down to 5 elk tags! Get yours now before they are all gone! The local people have told me that elk tastes tons better than deer.  I can’t wait to try it! Steve has already had it.

3. Thirty-One Fundraiser.  This one is huge! Anne Little, an adoptive mom herself, is doing a fundraiser for us beginning Jan. 4th for a couple weeks.  She is giving us 100% of her commission! They have totes, purses, wallets, diaper bags, etc. and such neat designs! Anne says to tell you all that you can help us out in more ways than one.  You can ask for  a catalog and carry it around and show your friends and family, taking in orders for our family’s fundraiser. If you don’t live near us, she will send you a catalog and you can share the catalog where you live! OR you can hold a fundraiser for us, receive all the hostess credit (lots of neat items!!!) and our adoption fund receives all the commission! We both benefit that way and you don’t have to spend a dime, but are still helping us!

4. Young Living Essential Oils (see link on side).  Order $25 or more by Dec. 31st and get your name put in a drawing for a free bottle of either Bergamot or Lemongrass (5ml your choice). Just send me an email with your name and address after you made your purchase. OR sign up to become a distributor under me (for just your family if you’d like) and get a free bottle of Eucalyptus Blue (.17ml). This is through Dec. 31st.

5.Funding Factory-we are still collecting old cell phones and ink cartridges.  We turn these in for money!

6. Looking for scrap material (fleece, cotton, muslin, etc.) along with yarn and ribbons.  We are making items to sell.

7. Do you have some favorite recipes? Get them ready as  a dear friend is sending me info. on how to do a cookbook fundraiser.

8. Flower Power-get ready to order some flower bulbs next month with us and we earn 50% profits! Spring is just around the corner!

9. Possible Usborne Books Fundraiser again too! Birthdays? Homeschool? Just for fun?

10. Silent online auction. Do you have something you make, a connection with a sports/restuarant/hotel, etc. that you could get an item/tickets/etc. donated from them for our auction? We will include the name of the company or person with the item during the auction. How about a collectible?

11. Pampered Chef-we are in the process of setting up an online party in the next few weeks.  Lots of cooking pans, utensils, etc. Love their stoneware!

12. Avon- a dear friend is checking on this possiblility online.

13. Adoption t-shirts.  We are in the process of setting this up too.

14. Jewelry.  We are working on making some as well as selling some already made by others.

15. Tupperware-looking for a consultant.  Do you know someone that sells Tupperware and would be willing to have a fundraiser for us online?

16. Hair accessories fundraiser coming soon.

17. We will have goat kids for sale again this spring!

18. Have any good books that we could sell on or some of our homeschool sites? We are selling used books.

19. Any items that you think would sell on ebay? We are doing this as well.  I have sold some of my old doll clothes! Also sold some of our clothes.

20. Would you like a baby bottle to fill with your loose change each day? We have some available!

21. Check out our Amazon and CBD links.  They have tons of books, music, school supplies, electronics, clothes, shoes, tools, food, etc.  On Amazon you get free shipping if you spend $25. That is very easy to do! You would get your item shipped free and we would get  a small percentage of the profits!

22.Magazines-working on a possible magazine fundraiser.

23. And a few more items in the works, but not ready to post the info. yet. 🙂

Again, please feel free to pass on our fundraiser links to your family, friends and neighbors! Thank you for joining us in the fundraiser update walk!


****Just added a link for Be A Voice Fundraiser!  Be A Voice offers jewelry and ornaments.  Check them out! They have some beautiful jewelry! We will receive 75% profits from each item.  If you are interested in purchasing an item, please let us hear from you.  We are responsible for collecting the orders, money, and delivering/shipping the orders. Thank you so much for your support!

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