Thankful for the Mountain Walk

Snow is good.  Snow is important when you live in the high desert country-it gives you water.  Snow makes the skiers happy.  Snow brings the elk down out of the high mountains. Snow, it’s a good thing.

I know those of you we left back in the Midwest and New England must think I’ve lost my mind. 🙂 No, I haven’t.  I have just learned to rethink my thinking. We had only been here a few weeks before we started hearing people talk about wanting lots of snow this winter.  I had never given it a whole lot of thought, but began to sit up and take notice as to the reason why. WATER! Utah is known as the second driest state in the union.  So, water is preeettttyyyy important.

So, the children (well, most of them, except the ones that leave with Steve in his 4WD) and I have literally been stuck on this mountain top for a week as I drive a 15 passenger van (no 4wd, but it’s paid for!). We were so excited last night when the driveway (remember it is .6 miles long) was finally clear enough that we could drive on it! That meant we would get to go to church today! The forecast was for snow later today, but not in the morning.  Guess what? It snowed overnight!  The driveway is gone now. Guess what else? It started snowing again this morning. Now we cannot even see the nearby mountains. Ugh.  Not going to make it to church this week either.  I have to keep reminding myself that God is in control and that He put us on this mountain top.  I remind myself to be thankful and I am.

Here’s some of the reasons I am thankful for this mountain. I am thankful that the mountain provides beautiful views of God’s creation.  I have never seen such beauty before.  I came close to seeing similar in New England, but this has come out ahead. I am thankful for the clean air on the mountain.  They have done studies that show that people who live in the mountains, live longer and have healthier hearts. I am thankful for the snow that arrives on the mountain before it comes to the valley.  This snow will drive down the elk that we will get to eat and enables us to sell elk tags to raise money for our adoption fund. I am thankful for the snow on the mountain that brings water throughout the rest of the year. I am thankful for the beautiful wildlife that lives on this mountain that God created-snowshoe hare, porcupine, mule deer, coyotes (well, I struggle with this one), lizards/geckos/what do you call those things our boys catch, the swans that fly over and look like miniature planes because they are so big, the hummingbirds, the magpies, and the soon-to-make-an-appearance elk. I never in all my life have seen any of these animals with the exception of hummingbirds, lizards and a different type of deer. I never imagined all this beauty.  Only He could create it! I am thankful for the mountain that gives us stories to tell.  I am thankful for our land on the mountain that gives us room to ranch and fellowship with other Believers.

I could go on and on.   I could also use the mountain as a symbol of our life.  We have climbed many mountains in our life, some very high and hard to climb. He has always been there through each walk/hike up the mountain.  Sometimes He has had to carry us up the mountain.  He has never left us.  Never.  He is here with us on this mountain now as we walk through this adoption journey.  Nothing comes as a surprise to Him.  He knows our future. I cannot imagine walking up a mountain without the Lord there by my side.  I cannot imagine the loneliness that I would feel without Him there.  I cannot imagine life without Jesus. I am so thankful for the mountains we have crossed/hiked/lived on. Along the way He has shown us beauty that we might never have seen, people we might never have taken the time to get to know, and that we can trust Him no matter what. I am thankful today for this mountain in my life. We are thankful for the mountain walk.

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