Another Day Walk

We’ve heard from some of you that you are wondering how the septic tank issue is going….it’s not.  Well, it is, but it isn’t.  Steve went and got the plans for the septic system this morning (as he couldn’t go to work without the septic system working for us properly and the roads are so bad in the canyons that there were accidents and exits closed, so, he’d just be sitting in traffic right now anyway and they are predicting more bad weather later today…maybe the elk will come??? Praying for snow and more snow so that we get elk to eat and sell tags for!) and found out that we only have 2 fingers.  Two fingers for 8 people in a house is not a good thing!  So, right now he and the oldest 3 boys are outside in the snow, digging up more of the septic tank.  They are going to look for possible clogs.  Steve called the septic tank people and asked them to come clean again for us (what 2 weeks after the other cleaning?), but they will not come as we live on a mountain with snow currently.  UGH! Steve said he and the boys will just use his pump to pump out some of the septic grey water if need be.  The boys came in last night sharing the story of how Daddy loosened a pipe and stuff went spraying out…nice, just what this Mama wanted to hear about.  Real nice. I am picturing a movie made out of this! I know, it’s part of the book I’m writing over the years. So, we are still not taking baths, doing laundry, etc., but we are flushing a toilet here and there without toilet tissue.  Where does the toilet tissue go, you might ask? In a bag beside the toilet for now! Yuck!  And you thought this was a blog about adoption? As I said last night, we are real, very real!

Then while the three youngest were helping me do the inside chores that the 3 oldest usually do (they already had all their livestock chores done), our youngest son comes running in announcing that one of our livestock guardian dogs has escaped from the goat pen!  They quickly throw on their boots and run outside to catch her and take her back to the goat pen.  See, we do not want them to escape their pens as here in Utah it is legal to shoot any dog on any property that is chasing deer or elk.  We’ve been told this repeatedly.  So, we do NOT want our dogs to wander off and accidentally run into a deer or elk. Plus, we have a pack of coyotes living in the ravine that we do not care to have our dogs meet up with. So, this gave me a little adrenaline surge this morning.

Then our youngest daughter shared with me that she had a dream last night about adoption.  I asked her what she dreamed. She said she dreamed we adopted a baby girl and that the baby girl was exploring all over our house. 🙂  Sweet girl.  Sweet dream.

One of our oldest sons asks every day if we have heard from the adoption agency about how our profile showing went. Every day I say “no”. Our oldest asks too, periodically. Our middle children  talk about what toys and clothes they are going to give to the baby that we adopt. And Steve and I continue to wait….it’s hard when you have all your paperwork done and now you just wait.  The only thing that keeps me pretty busy is planning out fundraisers.  I need something to keep me busy that pertains to adoption.  It is a drive I have now! A passion!

Okay, our neighbor just showed up and is talking with Steve now.  He’s the man who snowplows our driveway for us.  That man doesn’t know how thankful I am to see him each day that it snows! Anyway, our oldest just came in and put his feet on the stove to warm up.  His feet are frozen from digging in the snow.  Oh, the stories our children will have to tell their children some day….”yeah, I remember growing up in Utah on a mountain, digging up the septic tank in the snow while we were all snowed in and unable to take baths, do laundry, etc…..why, we must have dug a hole 20 feet deep!”  Thank you Lord, for the stories!  Thank you for these beautiful children and my wonderful husband who knows how to dig up a septic tank!

Oh, the boys just informed me that the “snowplow man” sees elk all the time and is telling my husband where he sees them!  Praise God they are coming closer to our land!!! Oh, we need these elk for our meat and for our elk tags that we are selling to raise money for our adoption.  Bring those elk down to our door!

So, there you have a day in our life.  It’s just another day walk!

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