Need Help on the Elk Walk

Okay, calling all elk hunters, please share your suggestions with us!

The elk were here again last night and this morning.  Steve watched them for awhile through the window this morning as they were tearing into our horses’ supply of hay!!! AAGGHH!! They were maybe 60 yards from our house and half of them were bedded down still!  They were having a party! As soon as Steve turned the doorknob, they got up. Then when his keys just lightly jingled, they took off like the wind. 😦  This is not good. One guy told Steve that he should give them about a week to get used to hanging out at our place before starting the hunt. He said they are probably still pretty skittish as this is a new stop on their path.

The big problem is going to be how do we get over 20 men(and a few young men/teens) to quietly hunt elk(these things are HUGE) that are so close to our house???? Obvisously, they cannot drive up in the middle of the night, because they would all run away.  So, they’ll need to come before dark and stay over night, right? Do we put them up in our basement? But, then they would possibly be heard as they come outside? Plus, there are a few men that are friends of friends of friends and I don’t know about having all these men in our basement with our oldest boys for the night.  Sorry…it’s just the protective Mama Bear being concerned a little here.  My husband said he could sleep down there with them, but we still can’t use the basement bathroom due to the septic issues.  So, this means over 20 men thumping up and down the stairs throughout the night to the bathroom.  Do we have them sleep in their trucks? It might be easy to then roll down a window and shoot if they have the truck parked in a certain spot? But, when they get out of their truck?? Food???? How much food do I plan for all these men?  How much will that cost?  Sorry, that’s the “adopting-let’s-be-very-frugal” side of me coming out.  Am I crazy to have some of these thoughts running through my mind? Can our septic tank handle all these men? Will we have it fixed before the hunt? Will we plan to hunt with a few men each day?  How much sleep can Steve go without for several days in a row while guiding the elk hunters?

Okay, I need to calm down and realize that God is in control.  After all, He did answer our prayers and bring the elk. I think we just forgot to ask him to make it real clear HOW we will hunt the elk! Asking now!

So, for those of you that are hunters, what do you suggest? Do we give our friends, the elk, a few days to adjust to their new stop here on the pony/elk express? Do we sleep in our trucks? Do we sleep in the basement? Do we divide it into several days? How much cooking should I plan for? Boy, I think I’m in for an interesting ride with this elk hunt! I think this can be fun, but I am a planner and need to see how it will be orchestrated first. 🙂

So, today we need help on the elk walk!

P.S. Okay, some of you must be praying for me out there, because I’ve had a few revelations since posting! Why not have the wives come to help out?  Why am I thinking that I have to do all the cooking, planning, running, etc.? LOL! Many hands make light work.  So, that is part of the solution to helping the elk hunters out.  We definitely want to see everyone that donated money for a tag get an elk!


P.S.S. Here is a comment from a dear friend. She is a seasoned wife of a seasoned hunter.  Here are her recommendations:

I read your blog entry and for some reason I can’t get comments to post.  I just wanted to tell you that hunters are pretty resourceful and unless you told them you’d provide food and a place to stay, they don’t expect it.  Most of them are probably used to camping out or sleeping in their trucks.  And while toilets are usually a priority for women somehow men don’t think twice about the inevitable.  🙂  Also, when they hunt they know it’s not a given that they will take an animal.  I think that’s part of the fun for them.  They knew going in it wasn’t a sure thing, but you offered the property and the opportunity and that’s all they need.

Wow, isn’t she amazing?? Why didn’t I think of this??? Obviously, I have never lived on a ranch with elk before! LOL! I already feel a sense of relief…okay, so, I’m not entertaining a group of people.  We are hosting an elk hunt.  Boy, I’m gonna become a mountain woman before the year is through! I sure have had to learn a lot fast-snowbound on a mountain for weeks where the only people you see drive 4WDs, howling winds, wildlife that I only had seen in books through the years, a new culture to live in, always packing for a snowstorm when you do get to drive off the mountain, septic tank issues, and now elk hunting.

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