Update Walk

We just received a call from the adoption agency.  The birthmom still has not made a decision after looking at the profiles.  Keep praying!

We’ve added a few new fundraisers this week.  They are both located to the side here.  One is Flower Power.  They sell flower bulbs and we receive 50% of the profit for our adoption fund! Please share the link with your friends, family, and neighbors!

The second one added is Baruch’s Lullaby.  This lady knits and crochets beautiful caps, mittens, scarves, baby items, etc. She too has adopted and been through miscarriage. She is allowing us to hold this fundraiser open until we have completed our adoption! She is a wonderful lady! Please make sure to type in “Baby B” in the message to seller for our family to receive credit towards our adoption fund!  If you do not type that in, we will not receive credit! Please feel free to share this link as well, and include the importance of typing in “Baby B”.

And we continue to have other links that support our adoption fund.  Please feel free to share with others! Every penny counts!

Thank you so much for your prayers and support!

That’s the end of the update walk.

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