Another Update Walk

Well, we begin today with our profile being shown again.  Don’t know if the birthmom will make a decision today or days later.  Only the Lord knows. One friend told me that the first time your profile is shown, it is exciting and then after that it becomes kinda “old hat” as you get turned down and told “no” repeatedly(one was turned down 22 times).  I pray for the other families that are having their profiles shown today, just as I prayed for the families that were shown last week.  I pray for them to have peace and comfort in their waiting and for the Lord to show them their baby soon.

Now on to our elk hunt.  We managed to have a few hunters out yesterday. They got two elk.  Today the elk are nowhere in sight.  Everyone says they will come back. Praying they come back for everyone else and for us to get some meat this year.

Our Lilla Rose Hair Accessories Adoption Fundraiser is still going on right now! These hair accessories are not your average hair accessories.  They are not the basic “rubber bands and stretchy ponytail holders”. This is jewelry!  It is so pretty! Do you know someone with a birthday coming up? Anniversary? Mother’s Day? Valentine’s Day? They make beautiful gifts! Please share our link (out to the side) with your friends and family.

We had a question about the Amazon link out to the side.  If you just click on that link, it will take you directly to Amazon.  Then shop to your heart’s delight! We will earn a small percentage from your purchase by you using our link out to the side.  We will even earn if you buy just a book!!! Every penny counts! Amazon has a variety of items-food (I’ve found some less expensive than our groceries and co-ops), books, music, clothes, tools, toys, etc. If you do not click on our link, we will not earn a thing and Amazon gets it all.

Next up, is our new fundraiser starting Jan. 4th. This is Thrity-One.  What is Thirty-One? It is tons of beautiful, neat totes, purses, cinchsacks, wallets, organizers, diaper bags, backpacks, and more!!!  I have never seen such a huge variety! Anne, our Thirty-One consultant, has also adopted. So, she knows how much work it is to raise funds! She has several suggestions for making this fundraiser a success.  Here they are:

1. Set a goal of $1200 in product sales. Done.

2. Friends fundraise too. Any of you can volunteer to hold a fundraiser for us too. You will receive ALL the hostess incentives and that is a LOT.  We will receive 100% of the commission from your fundraiser applied towards our adoption funds! If you’d love to help, but don’t have the funds to buy right now, this is a great way to support us!  You benefit and so do we! 🙂 You can do this through catalogs or online! No need to have friends over to a party!  Here’s her assisting adoption page:  Just go to Anne’s page and you will find the information to help us out. Our fundraiser starts Jan. 4th.

3. Join her team! If you enroll as a Thirty-One consultant(for any length of time), you will receive over $300 in products and business supplies.  AND she will donate $25 to our adoption fund! This is how she is able to do these fundraisers for adoptive families. The more on her team, the more that she can give to adoptive families. You are not only helping one family, but many.

4. Here you can preview the catalog before our fundraiser goes live on Jan. 4th.: 2013 catalog.pdf   or go through her link:   She will have our fundraiser listed on Jan. 4th at noon under “My Parties”. Please click on us to help us out!

5. And as usual, please pass this link on to your friends and family! Consider upcoming birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, etc.

So, there you have it.  We are still working hard on the fundraising and waiting on the Lord to lead us to our baby. This was another update walk.


P.S. Another family was chosen today! We continue to walk in faith, waiting on the Lord to lead us to our baby!

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