Updates and Fundraisers Walk

We have been blessed this week with donations that seemed to come out of the blue, but were no surprise to God! On Saturday we were struggling with staying on the adoption track when we were feeling like it is such an insurmountable mountain to climb. Steve drove down to the mailbox that night and brought up a card from a dear friend in IN.  She and her family surprised us with a gift towards our adoption fund! Ironically, the card had first gone to the IRS and they put in a note about opening our mail! LOL! So, that felt like we were to still keep pushing forward little by little.  Then within that same hour a dear friend in IN had a cousin say that she did not see anything she wanted to order from our fundraiser, but wanted to give us a donation anyway! Another sign that we were to keep pushing forward with our eyes focused on the Lord and His leading.

Then on Monday a friend here gave us a “trespassing fee” to come hunt elk on our property.  He already had his own tags for this area, but wanted to help us out! And another friend here sent us a gift towards an elk tag, but does not want to use it this year.

Wow! It looks like God wants us to keep pushing forward.  Sometimes it feels so overwhelming to think of being chosen by a birthmom and then paying for the fees, that you think “what are we doing?” and then we are reminded that we have been called to adopt.  We push forward. It would be too easy if we just said, “we want to adopt” and were given a child without any of this fight.  Adoption is definitely a spiritual fight! I had heard this before, but never experienced it until now.  It is! So, we continue to climb the mountain daily!

We started a new fundraiser today! Thirty-One! They have tons of totes, wallets, purses, organizers, diaper bags, cinch-sacks, backpacks, etc. available!  I’ve never seen such a huge selection before! If you order from this fundraiser, please know that your order will be shipped after the fundraiser closes on Jan. 18th.  Allow 10-15 days to receive it. Would you like to help us out, but don’t have  a dime to spare?  You can do just that! Email Anne, our consultant, and explain who you are and that you want to have a party to help us fundraise! She will get the catalogs/links to you and you can choose lots of great hostess gifts, while we benefit from the commission from your party! This is one way you can help us without spending a dime, but it will go so far! Set a goal to invite x number of people and pray for the sales!

Or you can purchase from our fundraiser! We receive 100% of the commission! And you get a great item for yourself or family or friends or…   Think about upcoming birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, weddings, showers, births, etc.  Why go out and shop for something when you can find something from our fundraisers and benefit the baby that we will adopt? You can relax at home while you shop!

Want to know another way you can help us? Sign up to be a distributor under Anne and she will donate $25 to our adoption fund!!! You are not required to be a consultant for x number of months nor are you given a set amount to sell! You would get lots of free stuff and we would be given $25 towards our adoption fund! You’d be helping your family out and ours!

Please take a moment to check out the link to the side here and pass it on to friends! I’ve heard people say that they don’t think they can donate because they can’t afford to order something and only have $5 or $1, but what they don’t realize is that that $5 or $1 little by little adds up! If all of our friends would decide to chip in (see button to the side) $1 or $5 each…wow, that would be amazing what we would come up with! Or if they decided to just pass on our link to 5 other friends or if they decided to host a party with no cost to them…wow!  That means so much to us!  You are helping us bring home a baby! A living soul that we can take to Heaven with us someday!  We can’t take our house, cars, clothes, etc., but we can take our babies! We are praying this baby will give Him glory in all he/she does.

Just aren’t able to do any of the above? We can always use your prayers!  Your prayers are priceless!  Don’t worry if you don’t feel a connection to our excitement and fundraising.  We were there once too! It is amazing what God can do to your heart over the years and through the trials He carries you through. Just keep reading our blog and watching what God can do! I promise you will not be let down! He is an amazing God!

Another reminder is for our Lilla Rose Adoption Fundraiser.  Please see the link on the side.  If you are a local friend, our consultant will ship your order for free to our house! This fundraiser runs through Jan. 14th and has beautiful hair accessories/jewelry!  Pass the link on to friends.  You say you feel like you are bugging your friends with all these links?  How do you think we feel? 🙂 But, then we are reminded that this is bigger than us and God calls us to this for a reason! We are not people to ask for help or fundraise.  Seriously, those of you who have known us for ages, have you ever heard us ask for anything besides prayers? This is big!  This is God moving in our hearts and another family’s heart.

Don’t forget to order your spring bulbs!  Check out the Flower Power link to the side.  Instead of driving to the store to buy bulbs this year, why not order through our link? We get 50% of the proceeds put towards our adoption fund! They even have strawberries!  I know some of you really like strawberries. 🙂 Please share this link with your friends and family! You are helping us bring our baby home!

Prayer requests: pray for the snow to come (we are dealing with -8 degree temps. w/no snow) that will bring the elk before the end of this month, pray for peace and patience in our family as we wait, pray for our future baby’s health and his/her birthmom’s health, pray for our fundraisers to be shared with others so that we might little by little reach our goal, pray for our children’s hearts to be protected in this journey as they have known many losses in the past 3 years.

A father of the fatherless, and a judge of the widows, is God in his holy habitation. God setteth the solitary in families: he bringeth out those which are bound with chains: but the rebellious dwell in a dry land.  Psalm 68:5-6

That’s it for our updates and fundraisers walk.


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