Someone to Walk with Us?

We’ll try and keep this short.  A friend/acquaintance suggested that we have  a couple friends take us under their wing and help run some fundraisers.  This friend has walked the adoption path too. We do have one friend who has been unbelievable already. She has donated items for our yard sales, purchased items through our fundraisers for her family members, and has researched another fundraiser.  (Jean, if you are reading this, we love you so much!! You are an amazing friend!You have helped keep us motivated and focused!) So, here’s the challenge..are any of you interested in taking our family under your wing and helping us see this project through to our baby? This could be a great service project for your family to take on this new year.  Would you want to search out other fundraisers and talk to the consultants/coordinators? Would you want to send out the links to our friends? Would you want to ask for donations for a silent auction? If you are this person, we’d love to have you on our team!  We can use all the help we can get!  Right now it is mainly me researching and finding the connections, along with Jean.  Steve is busy figuring out the financial aspect (and panicking sometimes 🙂  ), working, and coordinating the elk hunts.  Fundraising is a lot of work and I am not the greatest “salesperson” out there.

So, if you are up to the challenge to take us under your wing or steer the ship for awhile, we’d love to hear from you!

Someone to Walk with Us?

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