Walking with an Amazing God!

Remember how I talked yesterday about prayer and asking God what we need? Amazingly,  I forgot about that this morning, but lived it.

Our cow went into labor yesterday.  Remember I said there must have been a reason that God kept us home yesterday? Our cow, Belle, was the reason.  Her labor was going well late last night.  She had delivered in the middle of the night last year on her own without any problems. Our goats and sheep are the same way. However, this morning when we woke up, only hooves were peeking out.  Not good. This almost 100% of the time means a dead calf by that point and time.

We called a vet (our first time to use one here) and he came out.  We all went outside and stood in the freezing temps. and snow. My toes took two hours to thaw out and stop hurting afterwards! Our oldest son ended up staying with me the whole time.  As the vet was working on our cow, I suddenly felt the urgency to start praying for this man’s soul.  I sensed he did not know Jesus as his Lord and Savior. I began to pray for his salvation over and over. I spent an hour in the freezing snow, praying for this vet. I almost yelled out a few times, “Save this man’s soul, Lord!”, but did not. I prayed a little for the calf and cow, but spent the majority of the time focused on him. Then he shared with me that we were at a point of being unable to get the calf’s head to turn and needed to make a decision.  We could either cut the calf in pieces (which would be safer for the cow) and take it out or do a c-section (run higher risk of infection).  He said for her safety, it would be better to take the calf out in pieces.  There I stood praying.  I was not raised a farm girl.  I have had to learn all of this livestock stuff the past 9 years or so. There I stood having to make “the” decision.  Ten years ago I would have said not to cut the calf(and for my hubby not to hunt cute, fluffy squirrels), but now years later after having lost lots of livestock and learned much more about infection, health of the animal, timing, etc. I said “okay” to the cutting of the calf.  Yes, I know that sounds horrible, but until you are standing there in that situation, please do not pass judgment.  I learned years ago not to judge people as I am not walking in their shoes. You do what you have to do. As I walked away while the vet started to work on the calf (the calf was already dead), I began bawling.  I realized that God had given us exactly what we needed.  We did not need that calf for future food, but we needed that calf to be born on this day in the middle of God’s beautiful creation with THAT vet while I prayed for his soul.  That vet needed me to spend an hour praying over him while he worked.  It’s not about us!  It’s about Him!  It’s about His glory.  Yes, it is sad we lost the calf, but I am elated that I was given an opportunity to spend a full hour praying over this man for his salvation.  How many times do you get to do that or even take the opportunity? God gave me that time to pray for one of many lost souls!

A little while later, the vet informed me that he could not cut the calf as he was concerned he would cut our cow, so, he needed to take her into the office for a c-section.  Ironically, he has had 4 calves like this situation all this week! Very strange! So, we gave him our horse trailer and our oldest son and I pushed her into the trailer. Ever trying pushing a  cow in labor into a horse trailer (2 horse trailer…not a lot of room)?  Not easy.

This was  a huge science lesson today for our children.  This was also a huge spiritual revelation for me today too. I love the people here so much.  I am so thankful for the time he has given us here to pray for the unsaved. Yes, we were called to Utah.  No question about that. And we’ve only just begun…..

We are walking with an amazing God!

UPDATE: It was  a bull- 60lbs!  HUGE for our miniature cow.  He never would have come out. Freak of genetics the vet said. Belle, our cow, is doing fine and soon to be home! Oh, how we would have loved to have raised him for our meat, but we know the Lord will provide our meat in other ways!

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