The Challenge Walk

We challenge you today! We challenge you to forward our fundraising links to all your friends today!

One son checks the fundraising links with me and commented yesterday that it’s the usual without any new funds raised. Another son says, “we’re never going to raise funds through fundraising”.  Our other children just ask periodically if we have sold anything and count our baby bottle of spare change on our kitchen counter. We want our children to believe!  We want them to see others’ love for orphans!  We want them to see God working in this adoption journey! We want them to feel positive about raising funds to adopt their baby sister or brother.

Help us prove to our children that people do care about orphans, just as God does.  Surprise us!!! Surprise our children!  I am telling them about the challenge this morning.  Let’s see how much we can sell through our fundraising links by Saturday this week! Do you accept the challenge? Share these links with your friends and family! Share our blog.  Share our story.  Share God’s word.  If each of your friends were to place one order, that would bring in an amazing amount of funds! Every penny counts! If just 5 of your friends that you send this to, makes a purchase, that would still be an amazing amount of money! Every penny counts…little by little….it all adds up!

Now go spread the challenge walk!

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One Response to The Challenge Walk

  1. gloryacres says:

    Update-it’s Saturday now and 4 people took us up on the challenge. 🙂 Elk hunters came and did not get any elk. No elk=no donations. You know how we’ve talked about this being a roller coaster ride? We certainly are going down the roller coaster right now. Prayers to lift us up would be greatly appreciated.

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