The Sweet, Peaceful Walk

Last week found me feeling anxious over things.  Today, I am anxious for nothing.  I am at peace.  We know we cannot “do” this adoption ourselves.  It is God’s to do.

We’ve been enjoying our sweet children.  Earlier this week, our children got out a Civil War game to play.  I found this at a garage sale last year.  It is huge.  It comes in 3 boards and takes up the whole table! They decided to play it “their way”.  Our second oldest son looked in his Indiana Volunteer Army book and gave them the “play by play” of where the Indiana volunteers were located and engaged in battle. Our younger ones moved their men and horses to the different areas of the country after he read about each battle.  Then they play-acted it out.

As I type this post, our youngest son is combing my hair and telling me about how many coyotes he wants to shoot when he is old enough.  He’d like to try a bow and arrow too. The bounty is $50/coyote.  He plans to kill 1000 and give us half of what he makes so that we can pay for our adoption. I told him he could keep it if he got all those.  He said he wanted to share.  This is one child that loves to share and has always been like this. Such a sweet heart.

Our daughters learned how to make friendship bracelets and are currently in their room creating like crazy.  They have been out to show me one bracelet that is their “sample” .  Our youngest daughter excitedly asked her big sis to go back and help make more bracelets.  They want to sell them for a fundraiser.  More sweet hearts.

Earlier today our oldest boys had a big discussion about abortion.  They are so against the taking of a baby’s life.  It is amazing how they can discuss this issue for hours.  When we were their ages, we didn’t know much of anything about abortion.  Sadly, we didn’t pay much attention to it as young adults either.  Wow, we could have seen things so much more different early on in life if we had just been given the chance at the knowledge. What will these boys be doing when they are our age? God has great plans for all of our children!

As we sit down at the table in the evening to eat dinner, I look around and am amazed at the uniqueness of  each blessing God has given us. What would my life be like without all these beautiful blessings around me? What would I have missed out on if I had said, “no” to them?  How many lives will they touch? How many souls will they lead to Christ?

This is the sweet, peaceful walk.

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