Attack on our Walk

I remember  a dear friend telling me as they went through their adoption journey of the spiritual attacks that they had.  They struggled financially, emotionally, and physically. I listened and I tried to empathize.  I had no clue!!!

Without airing dirty laundry, just suffice it to say that we have been under attack again-HARD over the past 24 hours.  Just when we start to think we can come up for air, we get sucked under again.  The two words that came to both of us, individually, are, “spiritual attack”.  When you step out in faith to follow God, and give an orphan a home, the fires begin.  The closer you get, the hotter it gets.  This is not for the faint of heart.  This is hard!! It is hard work to keep walking forward, trusting God all the way emotionally, physically, financially, etc.  It is hard work trying to raise funds.  It is hard work trying to share with others what adoption means.  It is hard to accept being turned down.  It is hard to watch others be chosen and have that sweet bundle of joy in their arms.  It is hard to hear the time ticking while you wait. It is hard to just lean on Him through it all, as our flesh so wants to “do it all”.  We have been told again and again to “wait” and “be patient”.  We have been told that He is having us wait for His purpose.  He is growing us and preparing our hearts.

If you feel led, please pray for our family.  Pray for peace in our hearts as we walk.  Pray for our eyes and ears to be wide open to His will.

We have been under attack on our walk.

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