In Need of Donations Walk

We are gearing up for an online, silent auction.  How can you help us?  We need donations!

Do you have a favorite restaurant? How about your own business? Do you know of a great amusement park/ski area? How about some homemade items-knitting, crochet, basketry, painting, sculpting, etc.?  Do you have a vintage/antique item that needs  a new home?  Know a photographer that would offer their services?  Favorite store to shop? Do you have a home business-Pampered Chef, Tupperware, Thirty-One, Avon,  Usborne, etc. or know someone who does and would donate? How about some fabulous item that you found on freecycle that needs just the right person? Do you make your own soaps, lotions, bath salts, etc.?  Babysitting?Lawn care?  Know a great bakery? Does your next door neighbor make some awesome bird houses?  How about snow removal?  Any one have a Chipotle near them?  A friend of ours said that they donated for their adoption auction.  Would you be willing to go in and ask them to donate something? Or do you have a beautiful gift you’ve been given from a dear friend, but will never use?

We hope your mind is running away with more ideas for donations right now.  We need your help to make this auction a success! We are figuring it will take us some time to collect all the items, write up info. about each item, and take pictures for the online auction. The sooner we start hearing from you and receiving donations, the sooner we can begin writing up the info. on each item. This is a simple way to help us raise money for our adoption!

Please prayerfully consider how you can help us plan our silent online fundraiser.

We are doing the in need of donations walk.

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