Wool Walking and Giving a Boatload of Money to Adoption

Our beautiful Jacob wool rovings are ready for sale!!!! What’s a roving you ask? Roving is a continuous strip of washed, carded fiber which is ready to spin into
yarn. Handspinners love Jacob wool! Here’s a little more info.:

Jacob sheep grow a medium grade wool (24-33
microns, Bradford count 44-56s, demi-luster), with an open character, a soft
springy handle and little or no kemp, o
r britchyness. When the colors from
one fleece are separated it can yield three colors – creamy white, brown/grey and brown/black.

We have three huge boxes of Jacob rovings just waiting to be bought!!! All proceeds go towards…can you guess?  That’s right our adoption fund!!! We hope to have pics. up on our website within the next couple of days.  This wool is gorgeous!!!!  All wool came from our beautiful Jacob sheep here on our ranch.  We have watched many of these sheep born, fed them daily, shown them in 4H, and sheared them.  These are our babies!!! Much love has been put into these sheep and their wool.

If you know someone who spins, knits, crochets and would like to buy some, please let us hear from you!! I still can’t get over how beautiful these rovings turned out!

And in closing we wanted to share a few posts from our adoption consultant’s blog.  She has been sharing posts on why people gave a boatload of money to adoption.  Please do NOT read these posts if you do not believe in helping the poor.  If you do read, please have some tissues ready!  Currently she has 3 parts up, but more to come. Here are the links:




Remember, I told you to have some tissues ready!  🙂

We’ll continue wool walking and giving a boatload of money to adoption!

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