Speechless Walk

We visited a church a few weeks back and thoroughly enjoyed the pastor, his family and congregation.  We planned to go back, but ended up sick and snowed in the past few weeks.  The pastor’s wife and I have emailed a few times since our first meeting.  I have so enjoyed talking with her.

Then on Monday, the pastor emailed us and asked if he could pray for us.  We were shocked and pleasantly surprised.  We had not found a pastor yet that wanted to reach out to us and ask to pray for us.  In fact, in some places, we felt as if we were begging for prayer in this adoption journey.  Here this pastor had only met us once and yet, he took the time to send us a special email, asking to pray for us. So, we attended Bible Study at this church, last night with a few others.  It was a wonderful study and time of fellowship. We saw so many similarities to Naomi’s life and ours.

After the Bible Study, the pastor prayed for us, along with the few other people who were there.  He prayed for our health, adoption and financial hurdles ahead of us. It felt so good to be prayed over.  We felt loved. Sometimes I have felt like “shouting” out on this blog or facebook, “Is anyone out there??? Is anyone praying for us on this journey???”, but have kept quiet. Thankfully, a few dear friends have repeatedly told us they have prayed for us.

Then after we got into the van to leave, Steve told me to hold out my hand.  I did.  He began laying money in my hand and counting.  “Where did you get this???!!!!” I asked incredulously.  “Did you get this at work???!!!!”.

He said, ” I don’t know who it came from.”

“What??? No way.  You have to know who it came from!”

“All I know is the pastor handed this to me and said it was given to him to give to us,” he said.  Then he added, “He didn’t even know how much was in this wad that was handed to him.”

I sat there speechless.

The children had been talking in the back of the van and did not know what was going on.  So, we turned around and told them what had just happened.  SILENCE.  They just sat there for about a minute, speechless!!! Our children were actually speechless!!!

We rode home thanking God for the blessing that this beautiful anonymous friend had given us.  We also prayed for God to bless this anonymous friend immensely. Here we were at a Bible Study and had never met the three other people that came last night.  And “someone” out of that room blessed us out of the blue!! If you are that beautiful someone, please know that you have not only blessed our future baby’s life, but you have also blessed our children’s lives and their children’s lives! Our children will always share this story with their children.  What a story of faith in God! Faith that He will provide.  Faith that He loves us through many different people.  Faith that He will lead us to where we belong.  Faith that others do love the orphan. FAITH. You have helped give a child a forever home! Thank you and God bless you!

You have filled us with love and left our children with the speechless walk!


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One Response to Speechless Walk

  1. Lisa says:

    Very cool, Michelle!! Hugs to you. We are out here. We are praying.

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