Walking and Rambling Updates

This is going to be a little bit of this and a little bit of that post.

First, we’ll start with our fundraisers update.  We made $35 on our Avon fundraiser!  If you ordered, thank you so much!  We have no idea who ordered at this time, so, please know that we appreciate your support!

Our dear friend, Lisa, volunteered to have a Thirty-One party for us.  Her party brought in around $55. Thank you Lisa!!! You are fantastic! We so appreciate you taking the time to help us give a child a forever home.

Another dear friend, Heidi, is currently holding a Thirty-One party for us also.  Thank you Heidi!  You are so wonderful! If you’d still like to order something from Thirty-One, please look up Heidi on Anne Little’s Thirty-One website.  If  you look under “parties” you will find her there! 100% of the commission goes to our adoption fund.

Our Amazon link has now brought in $12.51!!! Thank you to all who have placed orders through our link with Amazon!  Every purchase that you make, brings us a small percentage of your order.  A special thank you to Jim and Jean, who recently purchased their computer and screen through our Amazon link! You are awesome! We so appreciate your support!

More dear friends surprised us with a donation in the mail!  They had so wanted to get an elk this year with their tag, but it just was not to be.  They still wanted to support us in this journey and chose to give us the payment that they would have made for the tag if they had got an elk.  Thank you Hannah and Andy!! You all are wonderful! We are praying that next year brings both our families some elk to eat!

Step by step, we are getting closer to raising the funds for our baby’s adoption. Every penny counts! How can you support us in this journey? Check out the links to the side.  There are many options! Your prayers are so appreciated as well!

We are gearing up for a unique fundraiser next week.  It is through Delicate Fortress.  They support women and children who have been rescued from human trafficking (research this-you will be apalled), severe poverty and forced prostitution.  These artisans may live in foreign countries, such as Nepal, and also here in the USA. Every purchase you make helps them stay out of these terrible situations and continue to recover from the nightmare that they have lived.  Not only that, but every purchase you make, also supports adoption.  You are walking along side many, many people when you make a purchase! Please consider making a purchase. We will be sending out more info. in the next few days.  The fundraiser will only run ONE day-Feb. 21.  So, please be watching for the info., mark your calenders, and share, share, share, share the link and info. with your friends and family.  There will be a code to use: Baby B for our fundraiser.  Please make a note of it.  While you wait, you may want to look at the beautiful, quality-made products on www.delicatefortress.com  . Make  a  list of birthday, Mother’s Day, just-for-fun gifts!!! Your support is so important in this fundraiser!  You are reaching out and helping many,many others! I’ve also been posting on facebook pictures of some of their products.  If you’d like to be “friends”, you can view the pictures ahead of time.

We are still looking for donations for our upcoming silent, online auction. Want to help, but don’t know what to donate? Ask your favorite restaurant for a gift certificate, make a basket, make some soap, knit a scarf, make some jewelry, put in an item that you sell (Avon, Origami Owl, Pampered Chef, etc.), ask a local hotel for a special package deal, how about an amusement park in your area? This online auction will reach people all over our country and even a few outside our country!  Please do not think that your item is too little, too small, etc.  EVERY item brings us that much closer to reaching our goal in bringing home our baby! Ask your friends and family.  You know someone who could donate and would love to support adoption.

We’ve ran into other questions about adopting domestically.  Thought we’d answer them here.  What happens to babies that are born here in the USA and are available to be adopted? Well, if no adoptive family comes forth before the birthmom leaves the hospital, the baby will be put into foster care. As you may know, there are many,many children in foster care.  We have friends who have adopted through foster care and it has taken up to three years to adopt!  There is a lot of court appearances needed, the baby/child is sometimes put back into the birth family’s home and then back into the foster home, there is a lot of emotional and sometimes physical issues to deal with, etc. All of this can be prevented if the baby is adopted before the birthmom leaves the hospital. The baby can go home to his/her forever home immediately!  Do you see how much moving back and forth, emotional pain, etc. that they can be protected from, if adopted immediately? Yes, foster care does not cost nearly as much as domestic adoption, but is it not better to give the child a home immediately if you are willing and able to pay the fees to do so? We are working hard to raise the money needed to do just this. We want to bring our baby home immediately into our loving, warm family’s arms.  We are so thankful for our foster care friends that are there for those children who do not get to go home with a forever family immediately.  There are many, many children that need these wonderful foster parents! We are all working towards the same goal-loving the orphan.

Well, I think that is it for our walking and ramblings walk.

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One Response to Walking and Rambling Updates

  1. Heidi P. says:

    Enjoyed reading about the up-date, thanks for sharing. God id Good!

    Heidi 🙂

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