Believing Walk

We are believing that on Tuesday we will hear good news from our adoption agency that they have found our missing paperwork.  We are believing that we will not have to retrace our paths and find, collect, request all the paperwork again.  We are believing that we are supposed to be pushing forward, even though we cannot see.  We are walking in FAITH.

If you’d like to help us continue walking in faith this Thursday, please check out our latest fundraiser.  If you are on facebook, you may check out the event here:

If you are not on facebook, hang on.  We will be sharing the link within the next day! Meanwhile, you can look up Delicate Fortress.  This is a company that is helping support rescued women and children from human trafficking and extreme poverty in many countries, including the USA. Our family will earn up to 25% of the profits from each purchase you make.  And the rest? The rest goes to supporting these women and children! You will be help many, many people when you purchase through Delicate Fortress.

Please make sure to put “Baby B” in the notes, so that we will receive credit.

Love to help, but unable to purchase at this time? Please share with family and friends so that they may have the opportunity to help these women and children out, along with supporting us in our adoption journey.

What kind of products? Beautiful, handmade jewelry, children’s items, baby items, household items, bath and beauty, etc. These are quality items!  Very well-made! Please prayerfully consider joining us this Thursday.  The fundraiser will be ONLY this Thursday all day.  Don’t miss it! And remember “Baby B” in the notes section!

Won’t you join us in the believing walk?

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