Our Blessings Walk

Today we are going to take a moment and count our many blessings.  Our family has been blessed many times over the years. Here is just a sampling of our blessings.

We are so blessed to be a child of God.  We are blessed to be adopted into His family. He loves us unconditionally.  He gave His only Son for us! We are so unworthy and yet, He did it all for us.

We are so blessed with each other, Steve and I.  We met over 26 years ago when a mutual friend introduced us.  She felt that we would make a great couple.  So, she took us out to lunch on January 16th, 1987. I did not know we were going to be married, but the moment Steve saw me he said he knew he was going to marry me.  We have been so blessed to be married to each other.  We are the best of friends. Other couples prefer to take separate vacations from each other or attend functions alone.  Not us, we prefer to do everything together. It tears us apart still to this day to have Steve out of town on business. As one line in a famous movie says, “You complete me” is so true! We look forward to growing old together and having many, many more blessed years together.

We are so blessed with our six children on earth and our two in Heaven.  Daily we see God’s beautiful love and creation in our children.  Their smiles light up a room.  Their laughter and joy is striking. We love seeing them play together, talk together, work together, etc.  The moments when they show you their hearts for the Lord, you just want to melt and cry. We often wonder how awesome their relationship will be someday when they are fully grown and we are long gone.  We picture them all staying in touch and being close to one another as they have a strong bond now. We pray that they will always give God the glory in all they do.  We pray for their future spouses and children.  We pray that all of their spouses will be strong Christians and help them raise beautiful, God-fearing children. We are so blessed to be a part of God’s plan for the future here on earth. We are so blessed to know that our two babies are in Jesus’ arms in Heaven.  He will be there when we enter Heaven someday to hand us our babies.  We are blessed to know that someday we will hold our babies in Heaven. Someday our children will meet their baby brother and sister too. We are blessed to know that these babies did not suffer here on earth any sorrow or pain.

We are blessed with our friends  and family.  We are blessed to have Grandma nearby. We are blessed that she decided to pack up and move with us all the way across the country. :-)We are blessed by her support in our adoption walk. We are blessed that our friends are supporting us through our adoption journey and sharing our story.  We are blessed by the outpouring of love of strangers/now friends when we arrived here.

We are blessed by the home God has led us to.  It has provided enough room for our family to grow and for our livestock.  God is also providing a way for us to run a small business here on our ranch by boarding horses.  This will help us raise money for our adoption too. It is also something we have dreamed of doing for years and are finally going to be able to do it!

We are blessed by the beautiful scenery that God has created for us to view daily.  How can anyone ever not think this is beautiful? We are in awe daily! I often think about how the mountains were formed after the flood and what it must have been like then.  He sure did create something beautiful! Beauty from ashes….just as the adoption story goes.

We are blessed by the job that God has provided for Steve and his wonderful boss (again after 4 years).  We are blessed that He has provided a job that allows Steve to be home more with our family and have tons less stress.

Our story has always been we walk in faith.  We will be the first to admit that walking in faith has not always been easy, nor has it always brought us immediate blessings. However, we know that God is always there.  He is sovereign.  He is our Father.  He will carry us when we cannot walk.  He will bless us.  He will lead us.  He will LOVE us.  He is I AM.  He is all.

These are only a few of our many, many blessings that God has bestowed upon us. This has been a small peek at our blessings walk.

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