Walk with us in TODAY’s Fundraiser

Just wanted to share with you all our amazing fundraiser that we have going on TODAY ONLY!  Delicate Fortress is doing a one day fundraiser for us.  They help women and children rescued from human trafficking.  These artisans make beautiful, quality items by hand.  These are not cheap, plastic things (like many things you see these days).  These are beautiful well-made items.  Please prayerfully consider joining us today. Every purchase that is made not only gives us 20-25% towards our adoption fund, but helps many, many women and children leave their nightmare behind.  You will be touching many, many lives!

If you’d love to order, but are unable to do so at this time, please share this with your friends and family immediately.  Give them a chance to support this great cause!

How about combining your order with  friends and save on shipping? Or how about doing some birthday shopping? Mother’s Day? Anniversaries? Upcoming birth of a baby? There is something for everyone and oh, so beautiful!

Here’s the link where you can order and also see how close we are to meeting our goal.  Time is ticking! Place your order before the day is over! Won’t you join us today? http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001t21vncYI3z8X6zx0KgkHsRivNbVcBrzFxcwopNt2RiAE8ytkceUAWudGitvgZO4EYjv74AQpDXOpzbtWNiYHqhAFUEIcZATYSEAygKQykdm6f4tCsy7senyd6URygFAs1RvygSPBODYsCJlUd09NsQ==

Walk with us in TODAY’s fundraiser!

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