Walking with the Wool

For the past two days, our oldest two boys have been in a speech and debate tournament.  I was unable to go due to the snow.  Steve took the boys in and spent the day volunteering his time. That left the four youngest at home with me.

Today we decided to work on rolling our wool rovings into balls for our booth at the state homeschool convention in a few weeks. Our 11 year old son got out the scales and began reading the instructions on how to use them. The other three started pulling the wool, and rolling it into balls.  Then we all took turns weighing the wool. While we did this, we talked about the convention, the booth, how we would set the wool up on the tables in baskets, etc. We also talked about how we would use all the proceeds towards our adoption fund.  The children talked about babies.  Our 5 year old shared with me her memories of back in Indiana when we went out and deweeded the babies’ graves.  I never would have thought that she’d remember that. She said she liked helping with that.  Okay, the tears welled up in my eyes again.  Had to change the subject.  We continued to work together weighing the wool. Then we took a break.

During the break, our 7 year old son invited me to a couple games of chess. When he was 4 he taught me how to play chess! I love the game now! We sit comfortably on our bed and play chess at night before bedtime often. Then he played his older sister.  He beat us every time! 🙂

Then he asked if we could go work on the wool again.  He begged to go work by himself if we did not want to join him right then. Finally, I agreed that he could work on it with me nearby.  In fact, as I type this, he is still working on pulling, rolling and weighing the wool! A little while ago his older sister came and asked him to come play with them.  He told her that he wanted a baby more than he wanted to play.  He stayed and worked while they played.  Then his little sister invited him to play and he told her he was working on our baby.  Then older sis mentioned hide and seek and he said, “I’d rather work on this wool than play hide and seek.  I want our baby.” This is coming from a seven year old’s heart.  It is amazing the love that God instills in our hearts as children for others. Sadly, as we grow older, many of us lose that unconditional love.

Our five year old came in and helped her brother several times as well.  She is getting to be quite good with rolling the wool! She did feel that a hide and seek break would be good though. 🙂

Okay, our son just told me that if we sell all the wool on one end of the table, we will earn $112.50!!! He loves to add up the total of how much we could make if we sell each roll we make.

Our second oldest son repeatedly asks how much money we have in our adoption fund and counts the money in our baby bottle.  He will then tell us how much more we need to cover the costs of adopting. He has come up with the idea of making fly-fishing hooks with his roosters’ feathers. He plans to put them on our table at the convention as well to help raise money.

Our third son is creating cherubs/angels out of clay that have adorable feet and toes, along with holding hearts in their hands. He is doing this to help us raise money as well.

All of these things have come solely from our children’s hearts.  They want another baby in our home.  They want to help an orphan have a forever home.  They want to help out in making things to sell to raise money for adopting.  They are praying and waiting on God to move in our adoption journey.  Thank you Lord, for making us wait.  Thank you, Lord, for taking this time of waiting to show us our children’s hearts for the orphan.  Thank you Lord, for giving us this time to pull closer as a family to prepare our hearts for our future blessing.  Thank you.

We are walking with the wool.

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