No News and Fundraiser Updates Walk

Well, there are no updates on the adoption front right now. We are still in the waiting room of life, waiting.

Meanwhile, we continue to press on asking others to come alongside us in this journey. We are reminded in God’s word:

To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction  James 1:27

We are also reminded in God’s word:

Our help is in the name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth  Psalm 124:8

We are leaning on the Lord heavily through this adoption journey.  We are relying on Him to lead us to the baby that is meant to be a part of our family here on this earth and in Heaven.  We are relying on Him to keep our baby safe and healthy during the expectant mom’s pregnancy, during his/her labor and delivery and there after.  We are relying on Him to provide the financial means to afford this adoption.  We are relying on Him to use us to lead others to reach out to the orphans rather it be through prayers, physically helping adoptive families after they welcome their children home, fundraising for the adoptive family, giving if the Lord leads, to the adoptive families, and spreading the word to others about the needs of many, many orphans in this world.

This journey is so unlike others.  There are so many questions-is this the baby for us? do we ask them to show our profile? can we come up with the money fast enough? do we need to be worried about the birthmom doing ____ while pregnant? what if another baby is meant for us? what if the birthmom decides to parent and we are sent home from the hospital empty-handed? what if _______? There are times I feel like I cannot think straight through all the decisions and questions. It is overwhelming at times.

Next up, is our fundraiser updates.  Our dear friend, Heidi, had a Thirty-One fundraiser for us.  She was able to raise $70!  Thank you so much, Heidi!! We love you!  We love your support in our journey! Step by step we are getting closer to our goal each day.

We are still collecting for our online auction.  So far, we only have 5-6 items and need 20 items to put it up as an auction.  Can you help us with this? Do you make a craft that you could donate? We’d gladly include your information with the item listing.  Do you have a favorite restaurant? Could you ask them to donate a gift certificate? We’ve been told Chipotle’s is very generous, but we do not have one near us.  Do you have one nearby? How about connections with a hotel or motel? Could you see if they’d be willing to give us a special package deal for our auction? Do you make jewelry, crochet, knit, woodwork, leatherwork, etc.?  Do you have an item you’d like to donate? Do you sell Usborne? Pampered Chef? Tupperware? Know someone who does? Ask them if they’d be willing to donate an item to our auction.  What about an antique item?  New items? We’d be thrilled to accept your donation for our online auction! If we just put in our boring items for the online auction, I don’t think we’d raise much attention or money. 🙂 Think clothes used by 4-5 boys (not pretty!), girls’ farm dresses with holes in them? Nah, not a good idea.  Hmmm…what else do we have lying around here that we could put in the auction? We have our wool, but I don’t think that we can list 20 lbs of wool and do so well. Variety tends to be the spice of life and we need variety, desperately!  So, please look around and think about how you could help us out with our online auction.

We made $41 with our Delicate Fortress fundraiser last week!  Thank you to Karyn, for doing such an awesome job sharing info. about it on facebook throughout the day.  We are another step closer!

We are currently still working on the fundraisers that you see to the side of this post.  Have you checked out our Flower Power fundraiser?  Spring is next month and surely you or someone you know would enjoy getting some flower bulbs or strawberry plants.  Think birthdays, Mother’s Day, anniversary.  We earn 50% of each item purchased!  This would bring us more steps forward in our fundraising efforts. Share this link with your friends and family.  I am sure that you know at least one or two people that would love a chance to order some bulbs!

Or do you order from Amazon?  Would you take a second and go through our link? All you need to do is click on the link to the side here and it will take you right to Amazon.  That’s all you do!  Amazon keeps track of what you spend and then gives us 4%!! More steps forward for us and you have bought what you’d normally buy anyway from Amazon! How hard is that?

Have you seen the Be A Voice jewelry link to the side here? Jean just ordered from them and she said they shipped very fast! Take a moment and look through their catalog.  I am thinking you’d probably find something for someone special in the catalog. 🙂

How about the crochet link(Baruch) to the side?  She has beautiful baby caps and mittens, scarves, and so much more. Every sale brings  us a small percentage.  More steps closer to our goal.

How about Christian Book Distributors? Have you checked their link out to the side as well? They don’t just sell books! They have music, homeschool items, gifts, movies, and so much more.  And have you seen their prices? Excellent! Just click on the link and CBD takes care of the rest. Think about graduations coming up-they have some great gifts for the graduate!

And last, but not least, if you live in Utah, check us out at the UTCH convention next week.  Every single penny that we make will be put in our adoption fund.  Every single wool roving that is sold, every single necklace, every single cherub, every single basket, every single magnet that is sold will bring us another step closer to our goal.  Do you like baskets? My mother-in-law is making some beautiful baskets to sell at the convention. You should see them! Do you crochet or knit, felt, hand-spin? Our Jacob wool is wonderful for hand-spinning and felting. Our wool is all-natural and gives you a tweedy look. This wool is from our beautiful Jacob sheep.  And check out the necklaces and magnets that our children have made. We will also have adorable cherubs available that one of our sons makes. Our whole family has invested time into setting up this booth.  Please join us in praying that we sell lots of items during the convention. Please also pray that we are able to share with others about adoption as the Lord wills. If you are coming to the convention, please stop by and say “hello” and consider making a purchase from us!

Your prayers and support mean so much to us.  Please keep up the support and prayers!  We know that it seems like we’ve been at this for ages.  Believe me, there are days where we feel that our wrinkles have multiplied immensely just since the beginning of this adoption journey. You may think it’s been a long time of us fundraising, but to us it has been years! We are coming up on our one year mark actually in April.  That is when we started this walk. We too, would love to say we are done fundraising and have our baby, but it is not time yet.  We cannot give up.  We cannot stop fundraising until we have our baby home.   We have been called.  Your encouraging words bring us such blessings in this journey.  Just a little note once in awhile that you are still praying for us, goes so far! To see you share our fundraiser info. with others goes really far too. I know, you probably feel funny asking others to look at our fundraiser.  How do you think we feel? Remember we used to be the “independent family”?  It’s amazing how God can turn things around. Please keep letting us hear from you that you are there!

This ends the no news and fundraisers update walk. 🙂

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