Join the Encouragement Walk

Last weekend,  I received an encouraging note in the mail from a dear friend back in Indiana.  She encouraged us to keep walking in faith, to keep pressing on, to stay focused on Jesus, and so much more.  It was just a short note, but she did all that in that little note.  It was so encouraging that she took time out of her busy day to write me words of encouragement. Thank you Tina! We love you!

Then this same friend emailed today that she has a friend who would like to donate something to our online auction.  And her friend may have some friends who would like to donate as well! She not only encouraged me early this week, but now she has given me hope that we will find donatons for our online auction and we will raise more funds! She believes enough in us and adoption that she has shared our walk with others. Thank you Tina!

Another friend, Heidi, continues to drop emails in my inbox and little notes in the mail throughout the year.  She is always checking to see how we are doing and sending prayers our way.  Thank you for encouraging us, Heidi! We love you!

And today a new friend, who is also an adoptive parent herself, sent me a surprise email encouraging us to keep taking it day by day, step by step.  I believe she said it took them around 3 years to reach the day that they brought home their beautiful son this past January!  Yes, that is a long time, but I have been told over and over that our blessing will be so worth it! 🙂 Thank you Kristi, for taking a moment out of your busy day with your newborn blessing to encourage us! We love you too! Wish we still lived close to you as we would definitely meet in person.  But, I know where we will meet someday.

Another friend, Jean, emails almost daily to see how we are doing and if we have any news in the adoption journey.  She has been a huge supporter in this journey! We love you Jean! Thank you for all of your support and prayers!

Another new friend, who I have met in person once here in Utah, has been emailing me and encouraging me in this journey.  She too, has adopted.  She and her husband have adopted twice and have three beautiful blessings. Thank you Hannah for being there to answer my questions about adoption and email me on the day that your son was born! How fitting that God should have you at the hospital with your newborn son whom you adopted, working with the same agency as us, and emailing me to introduce yourself before we moved to Utah!! Thank you for being a servant to the Lord and loving those babies! We love you!

I do not always receive this kind of encouragement in a week’s time, but for some reason the Lord has put it on these beautiful women’s hearts to take a moment and encourage me this past week. Thank you Ladies, for listening to the Lord and obeying Him.  Thank you for the encouragement!  You do not know how much it means to us to hear from you! It helps us take another step when we were ready to stop walking.

Those of you reading this post, have you reached out and been an encourager to another this week? If not, who could you encourage? Who needs encouragement? Ask the Lord to show you.

I hope this post has encouraged you all to join the encouragement walk!

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