Walking Sick and Showing Profiles

Wow, it’s hard to believe it has been 10 days since I have been on here. Our family has spent the past two weeks with bronchitis and THE flu. I was the last to go down and it started with a debilitating headache on Sunday that did not leave until Friday, along with ear pains, coughing, eye pain, fever, sore throat, extreme fatigue and bed-ridden for 4 days. I am still extremely weak, but the other children, except our middle son, only have coughs left.  They are doing much better. However, our middle son showed up with the stomach virus yesterday.  Vomiting-fun! And possibly our youngest son had a touch of it as he vomited in the car on Saturday.

So, we’ve been busy trying to just survive.  Meanwhile, the laundry is spread throughout the house and we are so far behind, I don’t know if we’ll ever all see our underwear again! And the dishes were getting out of control too. Everyone seemed to forget their regular house chores while Mama was sick in bed. 🙂 Oh, and one dog gave up on waiting on the children to figure out that it was time for her to go outside and do her business. 😦  Carpet shampoo time. Then there is the mud room where everyone has just dropped their coats on the floor and proceeded to walk across them when needed. What?  Where do these children come from?

The only new news is that our profile is being shown tomorrow. Prayers for us would be appreciated. 🙂

So, there you have it.  We’ve been walking sick and showing profiles.

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