Walking Up the Mountain

Have you noticed that I haven’t been on here again? Can you guess why? Yep, you guessed it! Vomiting! Let’s see, on Sunday and Monday we had one child vomiting, then on Tuesday at 12:30AM our 5 year old woke us to “I vomited all over my bed”.  Forty-five minutes later after we had changed bed sheets, started laundry, and sprayed the bathroom down, we went to bed w/hubby saying he didn’t feel so great either. Then Wednesday during the day our 5 yo and 7yo continued to vomit. The 7 yo had stopped for a day, but decided to come back full force.  Then silence while I spent the next day trying to catch up on laundry and clean bathrooms, kitchen, every surface that I could see. This morning I awoke to, “yack….waaaa, waaaa, yack…..waaaa” Okay, got another vomiter on our hands. Thinking of that old song, “And another one bites the dust”, only I’m singing, “And another one vomits” .As I went to her in the bathroom I found our second oldest on the couch.  He had been up vomiting all night!  Then our oldest appears and says he spent the whole night vomiting too!  Those two boys must have spent the night passing each other through the bathroom “revolving door”! And last night Grandma called to say she has it too!

We need to go get our hay today and it doesn’t look like we are going to have much help as they are all a little busy today, if you know what I mean.

We have spent now close to 6 weeks with Fifth’s Disease, a mini-flu, bronchitis, THE flu, and now the stomach virus.  I refuse to ask, “What else, Lord?”.  We’ve just been praying like crazy for our family’s health to come back.  We’ve been told by several people that when you move a great distance, you often end up sick the first year a lot due to the change in environment and different bugs.  Our family is usually very, very healthy-maybe sick for a day or two.  Not this year! 😦  This has been unbelievable!

I had to even go to the doctor!  After having taken care of six sick children for the past 5-6 weeks and then being sick myself, I threw my body back into an adrenal exhaustion mode! Nice.  So, I’m still working on recovering in that manner as well.

As I was driving up the mountain the other day from the doctor’s appt., I was thinking of how symbolic it is that we live on a mountain. 🙂  Right now we have mountains of laundry that can’t seem to slow down.  We have mountains of dishes that appear daily with “sick” cups. We walked through mountains of paperwork with our homestudy.  We also walked through mountains of paperwork in our move and are gearing up for more with taxes. And every step we take in this adoption journey seems to have a fight to it.  If we step back, no problem, but let us step forward and bam! We have  a mountain to climb.

As you drive up our driveway/road, you can look over the edge at most of the turns.  I have to admit that I still get sweaty palms driving up that thing!  What if the van stalled? How would I get us out safely? Praying the whole way up the mountain- “Lord, carry us safely up to our home”. What if??? Me, the one who has been (oh, just had my baby girl hop on my lap…she’s all snuggled up close…she’s so big these days…how did that happen?) scared to pieces of heights all my life and the Lord plants me right on top of a mountain that I have to see huge drop-offs over the edge of my own driveway!  He certainly has brought me to the mountain.  We all have mountains in life.  I just never expected Him to be so literal with me.

I am often reminded of my dear friend, Joanna, who so often has told me that she just knew we were going to have healing and would be standing on top of that mountain soon.  Well, we literally are standing on top of that mountain these days. 🙂 She was right in many ways.

How did the profile showing go? They chose another family.  We’ve been through 4 showings.  Yes, that seems like a lot. But, we are reminded of another family that went through 22 showings before they had a baby. Sometimes you just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other and focus on the top of the mountain, instead of looking over the edge. We continue to focus on the Lord and keep plugging along.

We are still collecting donations for our silent auction. We had wanted to get some more work done on it this week, but due to a few projectile interruptions, we have had to put it on hold until next week. 🙂 So, if you have  a donation, please let us hear from you! You can just send us pictures if you want to put on the auction.  The winners will pay shipping and you can just ship once from your place instead of shipping it to us right now. Or if it is a certificate for a restaurant or hotel, you can mail it out to us.  We’re really hoping to  have a large variety of items for people to bid on.  So, please consider helping us.

We continue to be walking up the mountain.

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